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did my girlfriend really sleep with laowai? [Copy link] 中文

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He is a little protective.

But don't be so harsh on him. Give him some good advice.

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Forget cheap racist crap

Wow, liangzai is the only one so far who got it....

Forget this cheap racist crap. It is too easy to blame others for your own mistakes...especially the minority you hate most: in this case Laowais.
(soemtimes Jews, sometimes Blacks......)
It could have been your Chinese neighbour......

Sorry to tell you but it is all your mistake.
If she would have an affair she wouldn´t tell you so openly about this guy and wouldn´t show her present and commit it is from this guy. But you explode and kick her out - you really know how to treat her, well done, gentleman!
And that this guy told you this bed story could only be because she complained about her boyfriend (formerly known as YOU) being such an as*. And he is ironically making fun about your stupid reaction (ever heard of IRONY???). But running away like a little kid was no good idea. You should have asked him what he means. I guess he would have explained that there was nothing at all and that you just overreacted. If the answer would have been different, than you really would have had a reason to kick his as*)

But if your affair idea would be right - it is still your mistake!
What kind of weird ideas do you have of an relationship. 3 years without ever touching her????? Come on, how old are you?
If this is true there never was a relationship and it is your fault to misinterpret friendship as love.
AND than there is no affair or any wrong-doing by her, because she has been single all the time.

Whatever the point is, it aleays comes back to you

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I would likely have punched him in the lips for insulting me that way.

The insult is not that some worthless tramp slept with him , it's that he rubbed it in your face. Make him pay my friend.
Then go get some skills in the personal communication and bedding department. You can make it so that your girl (your NEXT girl) doesn't leave for anyone. You have the power.

If a fat white man is exotic then what is a trim young black man???
It's not about exotic, it's a calculating move on her part and she will live to regret it.

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i am not freeleesky i am FreeLeeky
even all of chinese girl cannot be your victim
But you should know this,
except Me

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Urbexer, most foreigners think they are cool and able to "SCORE".

I insist  on "most" not "ALL" !!

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So what was the result?

Did she or did she not sleep with that foreigner?

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She Grew Up!

Sorry dude,,it hurts..

but your girl grew up while you werent there next to her!  

thats all there is to it......if not a laowai then its gonna be a chinese guy,,,but if she wants a man she will get one

Its the animal instinct bro.....her mind wants to be a good girl..... but her body is thinking about babies .  So she s confused and cant tell you shes been a bad girl.

It happens to all of us eventually.....let her go...just keep in touch until shes ready.        she will regret it later!!

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