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did my girlfriend really sleep with laowai? [Copy link] 中文

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poor bastard.

this looks like a scenario that only Jerry Springer could solve.

my sympathy goes out to you my friend.

whilst there are many good foreigners (by foreigner i mean all who are not Chinese National) in this country that do find real love, there are also those who are in the game just for a good time.

full of lies & deception to lure the innocent, they then leave the country .. and they're home free.

low life rednecks really.

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from the other point of view

I'm a Chinese gilr, and it seems to me that you didn't give her enough space and you don't trust her enough.  

I wouldn't want someone to control my life and tell me to return my gifts,  and I don't need someone to "agree" with whom I make friends with.  I do not need to explain what are the purposes for meeting someone.  Not even my parents.

and if she tells you about the laowai, it probably means there is nothing going on between them.  A handbag gift is OK between friends.

It is not right for the laowai to say such things to you but probably your gf was hurt by you and told him about something between you 2.  I think his purpose is to piss you off to revenge for your gf, and not really "she is good in bed".  Give him a nice punch in the face and tell him to shut up.

if you can't get hold on her, write her a letter or something.  I think she will explain.

My advice is to give her enough space, don't act like her dad.


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yeah, chinese girls prefer white devils

even in american.
because the force of hollywood and media is so strong there.
chinese men are degraded as weak, nerdy, strange creatures from mars, not even exhibiting any features of human beings, the least of intelligence and emotions.
in the meantime, you only see chinese women on tv, and with white guys always, you'll never see any chinese men on tv! it would be a threat to white america!
(except my sifu, martial arts master from shaolin, who did a commercial for HP's computer!)
the women feel so insecure, am i chinese or am i american?
they detest the chinese values that their parents try to pass on to them, for these would ridicule them in the larger white society, but always try in vain to imitate the attitudes and values of white america, ending up being more obnoxiously 'american' than white americans really are!
white society is the bigger society so they feel they must run up the white's pants, for it would be such an huge disadvantage if they go for a chinese guy!
besides the chinese guys there have lack of self esteem, lack of support from the society and lack of support from their home where the parents can hardly suggest anything to deal with what they face in white society.
in school they face discrimination and are made fun of because of their eyes and cultural features that are misinterpreted by hollywood!
they are poor, identity-less, ever depressed souls.
chinese americans are not friendly to other chinese americans and other asians when passing by face to face.
it's like only nigg*rs can call each other nigg*rs!
i grew up in America, i was the only chinese in school, until high school.
there was this extremely smart and nerdy chinese boy, who was the #1 in school, and there was this vietnamese girl, we never talk to each other even we were always in the same classes!
her attitudes was 100% artificial, and me? i was that lost and depressed soul for 20yrs...
until i found out what love is from a korean girl in China! she helped me tremendously to rid me of my depression!
i am chinese american but i hate all the chinese americans!
i hate america, i hate white people, and i hate all the chinese girls who are so stupid to automatically run up the pants of the white devils, not even aware that they are indeed losers, old, fat, ugly, without a penny...

do i sound happy? no!
but i am happy nowadays because I have accomplished the greatest thing in my life, to totally get rid of my 20yrs of depression, and have the ability to get any girls i want.
my mission is to seek out these chinese girls who worships the white devil, have a screw and go onto to the next, hahahahahaha, i am so happy!

everyday i am so happy, happy birth day, hahahaha!

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The world will change one day when Riches turn the tables.

Nothing is static but all is dynamic.

Sorry some lousy guys win but the public should do something to see this guy out of the country within a short time.

That's where i like Kung Fu movie and Bruce Lee. Always defending chinese honour.

But it is some girls that made it cheap. Not seeing correctly, they destroy themselves thinking the neighbour's new house is bigger,sponsor by some foreign funds.

Hi Tim - Sorry and thxs to share the news. Move on and be happy&well.
Which is priceless.

Kind regards
Kind regards

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i just want to say something

though lots of chinese women always are hunting for laowai with their own aims,maybe these stupid women leave bad impression to laowai
and then many laowai show no respect to all the chinese girls
but all of you should know this is not all chinese women
this is also the reason i broke up with my foreign-ex boyfriend
i think he showed no respect to me
only knowing sex,but i didn't do this
for i felt bad for him about this, i think i am the only girlfriend
so i just said goodbye to him,so i think no matter chinese girls or laowai should respect each other, don't let those stupid chinese women and laowai make all the things bad,i think

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so freeleesky,

you will not be my victim!

beware all chinese girls, i am hunting for you! hahahahaha

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Re: Don't be a supremacist bastard

Yeah, he's a very compassionate young man. So compassionate that he kicked her out just because a laowai gave her a gift. Very compassionate. Really caring for *her*, right?

He just cares about himself, wanting his girlfriend to be his eternal prisoner. Yet he can't make her happy giving her some love. A guy needs to press on. This is the custom in today's China as well.

I guess the problem is that this was a*laowai* taking his girl. How awful. But what I have seen in China, is that many a girl can do exactly the same, sneaking on his back, with other fellow Chinese men. I think you should forget about the laowai aspect and just ponder the question as is. He wasn't good enough for her, and she has done nothing wrong, really.

Labeling Chinese girls trash and whores just because they get a laowai is so low, and so revealing about how Chinese men treat their women. But what about a girl who marries a guy (both Chinese), then she sneaks behind his back. He finds out, and she wants a divorce. He has been saving money for them for years, and when they divorce she gets an apartment and some money. Guess what, this woman just got another apartment with his new boyfriend, and now she wants to get back to her old boyfriend. 女的都是这样。

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