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IS CHINA COMMUNIST? [Copy link] 中文

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Why is it so important for you guys to define China as to what kind of country s

I think this kind of discussion constitutes the major bordom in pple's boring daily life.
Go and save the starving kids in the out back of Africa, will ya, if your life is devoid of excitement or just lacking of a main purpose to go on!

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These aren't your roots.

Many Chinese like to close their eyes and forget our roots ..
Chairman Mao's ideas has now been put behind
And most comrades are now forgotten

But your roots didn't start with Mao. He FORCED you to forget your roots. Most of the 'ancient Chinese secrets' were frowned upon if not out-right crushed and brainwashed out of the populace. You are five thousand years old right?? Then what is the last 50 years in terms of 'roots'???

This is even sadder  than people who assume that 'black history' is only about North American slaves.

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>>This is even sadder than people who assume that 'black history' is only

To some extent, it is!
Yep, the black histpry is only about Norht American slaves!

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You are the misinformed one...

They followed him because they were tired of losing...
The Germans followed Hitler too. BIG deal. Being a great orator does not make you a great leader.
Hitler did say something true though. I'll paraphrase.
"It is easier to get people to believe a BIG lie than a small one."
Mao understood this and exploited it.

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to MR. vicious

Mao did not mean to deceive anybody----he believed what he believed.
You must not judge those people living fifty years ago from the point of the present.
Hitler believed what he chose, and he did not know that was wrong. He just did what he thought was granted to him by GOD.
Fifty years ago, every one, or almost every one, trusted communism was their only way out.
People loved to die for this course, just like now people would die to be a successful ladder climber.

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When did China claimed to be communist?  Communist is a ultimate form of society according to Karl Marx.  Growing up in China, my undertstanding is that China only claims to be a "Socialist country with communist idiolody".  Theoratically China will develop to Communist Country at certain point in the future, but look at what's been happening in China, its not likely that China is continuing on this route.    Communist China is a very wrong name that western media puts on China.

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