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IS CHINA COMMUNIST? [Copy link] 中文

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The White man are brainwash robots, mostly, except for the top Lion, predators..

...but we the Yellow Man are all Free people for most of the 5,000 years. Even our ordinary folks are thought to be Free.

We do not like Sheeps, cows, bees, chickens etc. etc.

We are THE DESCENDENT OF THE DRAGON. a mythical creature who can change asthe world changes - IT CHING. In fact, for the mytical Dragon Kings, we are the source of the change.

Labels are for brainwashing nations like America, people are put into boxes for each tribe they seek to control. We Chinese are FREE PEOPLE but we are not domineering types -except for some NUTTY MOUNTAIN FOLKS--labels has its uses but it is not used to enslaved people.

Don't you know, that we have many groups in China, but we have UNITED FRONT when times calls for it.


The Philosophy Doctor is IN
Game Master

Lord of the code.

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The White man are brainwash robots, mostly, except for the top Lion, predators...

Do you even live in China?? Take a look around you if you do! Forget the colour of peoples skin and take an objective look.

No China is not Communist. How were the Hans (merchants throughout history) ever going to be  truly Communist?? They can't be and that's great. However the flag is still clung to by the government because without the OneParty that defines Communist Regimes, they'd be done overnight. The people would expect to have the power to vote in whom they choose.

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China's claim to be communist is like North Korea's claim to be democratic. The only reason the leadership even uses that kind of language anymore in China is to keep the hardliners in tow. The fact is, the government has a hard balancing act to keep up in order for things to be calm and safe. It's a mattter of balancing the hardliners and reformists at the same time. Plus, keeping the west satisfied, but not appearing too conciliatory. It's a wicked game of politics, but it's required to keep China stable, at least, for now.

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I am cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs

Ahhhh the insanity of this board.   Some good posts above, very amusing.  I sometimes wonder what percentage of people are insane.

    Deng Xiaoping said  "it doesn't matter if the cat is black or white, as long as it gets the job done"  China is not communist, and has departed from communism for a long time.  If Marx were still alive, he would laugh if someone said that China is still a communist country.    But hey, whatever "label" you want to attach, it works and it is a model of greatness for all the other developing nations.  Wow, what do people in India think?

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are you on another planet?

People grow old.
So does the past and memories as well.
Middle school textbooks have already changed so much and we have reason to believe, soon, there will appear something so new that even the wildest imagination will not reach.
Socialist or Communist is just a concept, conjured by some genius working in his study, thinking, guessing, and dreaming,
No people will always live in a dream.
We will see.

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Great point. It is a total balancing act.

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Poor labeling

I don't feel China was ever truly a Communist country in the Marxist senses.  I doubt Marx would recognize China like what he outlined in his manifesto.   I agree with Deng as it doesn't matter what you label it, it matters what results are achieved regardless of the labels.  But some people will use labels to generalize about a group of people, or countries, because they don't know any better, and it's often easier to use an irrelevant label, than to actually invest the time and effort to learn about the many differences, culturally and politically,  and the many similarities that make a country what it truly is, rather than what the label  represents.

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