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IS CHINA COMMUNIST? [Copy link] 中文

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China is the celestial kingdom, an ancient society.

What kind of box you want to put China in?

Are you some Zionist master manipulator.

YOu think we Chinese don't have the same knowledge that you have!

ha ha ha ha ha, you got to be kidding.


Game Master

The Lord of the code.

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why not reflect instead of close the eyes

Many Chinese like to close their eyes and forget our roots ..
Chairman Mao's ideas has now been put behind
And most comrades are now forgotten
It is time to review our communist stand and principles
Just to brag on economic growth it is not very smart

where are the free school? hospitals like a real communist

this is what we must think

not GDP growth , and made up numbers that help little the common man

comrade swwind has a point

lets open the discussion

comrades what do you think ?

are we communist ? or have we turn beyond the point of no return to Capitalism ?

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"And if no, perhaps more important and relevant question is :


Probably because the CCP has no democratic mandate from the people - thus it will use anything to justify its autocratic rule. On the one hand, it pretends that it has the "caring Communist" attitudes of past decades for older and more socially minded people. On the other hand, it highlights China's economic success and presents itself as securing economic prosperity.

Isn't there a phrase they use, like "Chinese Socialist capitalism"? I mean that's an obvious contradiction in terms, but it highlights how they're trying to have their cake and eat it. The CCP tries to be all things to all people. Not that I think many Chinese are taken in by that.

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Take the definition of any political term.....Democratic, Socialist, Liberal, Capitalist etc......apply that to any country's government and see what happens!  come on wake up!  .........Is Russia still communist??

Even before the collapse of the USSR China understood the importance of taking its position in a Global community thru expanding its wealth and technology , the most efficient way  was economics!
whether that fits into original plans on paper - written before the first communist state was even founded and then put into practice - or not is a trap for dreamers

Ideas dont belong to any one group of people....they just decribe aspects of human nature
behaving like a Capitalist does not make one pro-US or any other

Behaving in the best interests of the country and its people (if thats whats actually the case) is more important than what brandname of politics they follow

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Marx didn't consider information as a major resource.

Marx didn't consider the role of information technology.  So his conflicts occur between owners and workers essentially.  At the time when he lived and up until the dissolution of the USSR, organized labor played a big role in the eastern and western economies.  

China's experience with communism is viewed by some to be the decision to not replicate the social and economic structures that existed in the countries that had exploited China through coloniziation.  Based upon China's experience with colonization, choosing the opposite view of the colonial powers for a while may not have always produced the best anwers, but it probably avoided the worst solutions.

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