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It was the Soviet and Chinese sacrifice that made WW II victory possible ! [Copy link] 中文

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From General S. Patton:

"No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country."

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You piece of nazi crap, Jews have lived in Europe and emigrated to America long before WW 2.

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Reply: mmm

Correct, the jew immegrated to America before WW2.  The NAZI started the ethnic cleancing in the early 1930s.  These jews are also counted as being "gassed".

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totally agrees with whitedevil

I would say world war 2 was not completely won for the Soviet Union occupied nearly half of the Europe after the war.
  The western democratic coutries were too soft when they face  devil power. The sacrificed the interests of those eastern europe nations in 1945, as they did in 1939.

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whitedevil and norepeat

I thought I was done with this thead and here you are. whitedevil repost his post that I have answered on the front page so let me repost again.

For both of you, especially norepeat. Please read teh article title carefully. It said "It was Soveit and Chinese sacrifice that made WW II victory possible" It didn't say only Soviet or Chinese fought the war.

Here is what I wrote to whitedevil when he asked me to list a Chnese victory in fighting Japanese (obvious his WW II history book didn't include such chapters)


I have noticed your post here is a short version of the longer one on my Iris Chang thread, so I am coping what I wrote there.

Please read my statement including the article to make sure you understand what I have said. I have never claimed China and Russia had won WW II alone. What has been said is that "It is the Soviet and Chinese sacrifice that made the WW II victory possible." Can you tell the difference?

China and the Soviet lost most people in the war, it was also in this two areas that both German and Japanese lost most of their forces, didn't that mean something to you?

Of course I can name one battle that China won. For example, in Tai Er Zhuang battle Chinese army won a decisively resulted in more than 10,000 Japanese casualties. Read this link which gives every details of the battle:

By the way, do you know how many years we Chinese fought the Japanese? How many strategic stages? Do you know Japan invaded China long before WW II erupted in Europe?

Chinese army was not better equipped and less efficient but that doesn't mean we Chinese didn't fight the war, we fought bravely and never stopped if you really know anti-Japanese war. Have you heard Chinese people fought guerrilla war against Japanese?

We in general say WW II is a united front of people from the world against fascism, 世界反法西斯战争. We consider this united people who fought for justice as allies. We don't play name games. It was what one did matters. Fascism or nazism or militarism, all played evil role in WW II -- they are the cause of death for millions of people.

Stalin certainly had his ambition in WW II, in fact, China was a victim too, but this didn't change the fact that the Soviet army fatally wounded German army in the largest quality. The Soviet army played an important role. Using Putin's words -- that part of history (Stalin) has closed.

I must advise you to open the link I provided in my last post and read the article or read it again. I don't feel you have read it at all. This is about WW II, not a European war history. Also, please note this words in the article "....Yet it is their (The Soviet people) exceptional sacrifice that we should remember as we look back over 60 years. And in the end the peoples of eastern Europe were unquestionably better off under the new communist regimes than under German imperial domination." after arguing what happened in Staline state.

My main point here is that: WW II victory is not just about D-Day or the few allies Americans know, such as Britain, US, France etc.. The Soviet and China are big contributors who made great sacrifice.

Have you heard German Chancellor is making apology to the former Soviet people?

I must say, what you expressed here has showed the the western history book on WW II is incomplete. And that's the exact reason I started this thread.

So I strongly recommend you to read the opening article again as a conclusion of this thread.

Thank you.

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Yep The West is all talk

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Mr. Shan Huang - the Predator lobby got what they wanted.

Namely as "Neatly" summarized by you:-

"Decimate the population in China and Russia while destroying the military industrial infrastructure in Japan and Germany"

may I add "British and French military industrial might" as well.

Gosh! You think a measly "Jews are scumbags" will cause a war? Or educated and wealthy people can calculate themselves into a war?

Don't be silly! War is only one of the many options in the arsenal of the MANIPULATOR.


From: Gd.

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