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who is cogito? [Copy link] 中文

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The Judge said.

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The Stud and the Verdict and the Evidence and the Witnesses.

All evidence was supplied by enemies of the state, either western devils and China Haters or Hanjian.

The Stud was not allowed to speak on his own behalf.

tsupasat the American based China Hater and hedan the China based China Hater, were allowed to give taibted evidence and lies and walk away scott free.

All witnesses for the stud were gagged.

Under the circimstance, the Stud should be freed immediately.

Free the Stud.

Lock up tsupasat and hedan.

Two Americans sentence one Chinese, that is wrong.

Maybe that is a sign of the future.

In which case fight harder than ever before.


2004-11-07 22:01  Reply

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You are not Chinese, cogito

you are a Japanese ninja

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Dear Mr./Ms. eightyeight

Dear Mr./Ms 88 eightyeight, I doubt if you know Chinese? And you seem to talk to me in representative of Chinese? Read the following sentences carefully.

首先我得告诉你,daydreamer不是cogito, 我转贴wchao37的帖子在这里是因为我敬重cogito/thestud的为人,同时,我也敬重wchao37先生对于thestud的理解和支持。Cogito对祖国的爱,对人民的爱,这是您这种自以为什么都懂其实什么都不懂的人所没有办法理解的。这也是我为什么之前不屑于直接回答Seneca 以及您之流在这里的胡言乱语的理由。

Cogito 的语言是犀利的,但是cogito对于爱国同胞的态度是温和的。为什么您如此疯狂地攻击cogito? 理由只有一个,不说自明!


"Don't look for whcho37 to take your side -- it won't happen! "

在真理的面前,没有所谓的帮派,更不需要所谓的backup. 真理就是真理,谎言重复千遍始终还是谎言。您的对cogito先生的疯狂诋毁并不能够对他造成丝毫伤害,您的把cogito 和wchao37对立的恶毒居心也不会得逞。

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low life!
Pretty lame stuff whampoa, etc., try hard as you may to cover your scheme -- you are well short of brain power.
Since you think you are so much smarter than the Chinese and everyone else, and now that they uncovered you on their own and without my help, why don't you just keep on digging your grave.
You are no pirate. You are a joke.
You have made the CD Forum a laughing stock with your lunacy. You think you know enough English to bash folks around, but you don't.
You think you have enough class to handle me? -- you are fooling yourself, low life!
Your nastiness does not represent the Chinese and your slander will be your own undoing.
Copy an past all you want. That is all you can do.
Your wife looks up interesting things on the Chinese forums and you cut and paste it here to fool the likes of the Chinese.
But you know, you cannot fool me -- your cowardice has betrayed you!
Don't look for whcho37 to take your side -- it won't happen!
Don't look for chairman to cover you either -- the guy is too honest for the likes of scum such as yourself.
You pretense is showing!
2005-04-25 09:28

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Funny to see Mr.88's foul post appeared and disappeared within 2 minutes.

Never mind. I have grown accustomed to having my ears assailed by mindless cursing and profanities.

Btw, Mr./Ms. eightyeight, thanks for informing me that you know nothing more than obscenities :)

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my reply was deleted! Post-edited!


Indeed my first response was to assume you were another one of cogito's handles.

As you suggest, it takes me some efforthinese to translate Chinese -- it was then that I discovered that perhaps you are not cogito. I edited that post and reposted a milder, much more nuetral reply.

In Chinese, you asked me to demonstrate my accusations, expressing your respect for cogito (and wchao37). My reply was deleted.

I do not know how good your English is, if you respond to me in Chinese, please have the patience to allow me the opportunity to translate it.

If you do not understand my replies in English, please ask me for a clarification.

Now, that I have post-edited this response to you, daydreamer66, you can see from the following attempts by cogito to trash me and discredit me.

You can respect what you want, I hope it is the truth, that you respect.

Little of what cogito put forth has any support for his slander.

Sorry about my first reactive response to you, I do apologize. However, look at the laughing face you attached to the post addressed at me -- I do reckon, I had a reason to be suspicious of you, now I await your response ..................................

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what's up China Daily?

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we palying games?

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