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who is cogito? [Copy link] 中文

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and the meaning of closet is?

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And here we go! "A very special Merry Christmas to thestud from us" by wchao37.

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A very special Merry Christmas to thestud from us
Though we know of each other not too long

Yet you did call me brother

And I had responded in kind

That's why I will never forget

Nor will I ever deny

That you ARE my benjia

That's why today, Christmas Day 2004

I am sending this special e-greeting to you on behalf of many wish you a very Merry Christmas

Knowing you aren't free to write

....for reasons unbeknownst to me

And knowing there are people here

....who don't necessarily see eye-to-eye with you

But that would not bother or deter me a bit

And I will never abandon or forget you

....for I've seen the spirit of your unyielding defense of the Old country

That's far better than any of the stuck-up imbeciles

....who assumes a pretentious air of self-importance

It's no use boondoggling on those bozos

Or belaboring on self-evident truths beyond their ken

Just wish you well, brother

And hope you will visit us whenever you see fit

Many of us are waiting for your return

However long that takes

I will fight for you to the end of time

For Chinese brothers are all fighting for the same end

Which is a better Old Country in a better tomorrow

I thank you for being a fighter, brother

Who loves our motherland dearly your own special way

So I will always stand by you

And try to understand you

'til there is nothing more to be understood.

2004-12-25 16:29

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Boy! Why these low lives hate Cogito so much?
Guess who was babbling around then?

L.G.K is the one.

Seneca is another.

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low life!

Pretty lame stuff whampoa, etc., try hard as you may to cover your scheme -- you are well short of brain power.

Since you think you are so much smarter than the Chinese and everyone else, and now that they uncovered you on their own and without my help, why don't you just keep on digging your grave.

You are no pirate. You are a joke.

You have made the CD Forum a laughing stock with your lunacy. You think you know enough English to bash folks around, but you don't.

You think you have enough class to handle me? -- you are fooling yourself, low life!

Your nastiness does not represent the Chinese and your slander will be your own undoing.

Copy an past all you want. That is all you can do.

Don't look for whcho37 to take your side -- it won't happen!

Don't look for chairman to cover you either -- the guy is too honest for the likes of scum such as yourself.

You pretense is showing!

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and chairman wrote a whole thread in Free Talk, weeks before the xmas post

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My good friend the Stud, things you should know.

The Stud.

The Stud was a good friend to chairman and a better friend to China.

He was a graduate of the Chinese Highest Education System in the top 1% and apart from his strong knowledge of Chinese history, he is one of the top graduates in his fiield ( not history ) from the strong mainland China education system.

The Stud, was a highly intelligent and qualified indivdual.

Like Comrade Yapchongyee who is an attorney and wchao37 who is a doctor and more than a few others, The Stud was a highly educated individual, more so than the western enemy that attacked the stud and China.

I am not able, without breaking a confidence, tell you more about the stud, but suffice to say, that was very intelligent and well educated.

His demise is unfair in my opinion.

I do not know, if like Judge and Jury before him, his demise is limited to a period and he will be returned after a time, or if his removal is to be a forever thing, I do not know.

I favour the partial removal system myself, which was used with the Judge, they shut him up for 10 days or so and then allowed him to return.

The Stud was a tried and proved good friend to chairman and China.

He was Chinese.

100% mainland born and bred, educated and refined in a greater love for China, far and above traitors and hanjian, above the hate ridden west and all the western China haters.

The Stud was a China Patriot, what more need I say.

I was not here, I have no idea what happened, but frustration causes people to do things that they may or just as well may not regret.

I hope and trust, that consideration of the high standing of graduation from China in the top 1%, is given where my friend the Stud is concerned and that he is returned on and in similar terms to Judge and Jury.

In any case, he is and always will be my friend.

I do not deny him.

I await the good sense of moderators and the return of the Stud.

Who did after all give us many fine posts and pictures.

All the Chinese side will be missing him,

Thank You.

2004-11-06 11:55

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Good show

Wanna correct my English, putz? Why not write to me in Chinese.

Better yet, why don't you send Private Messages to folks that respond to me in my threads and tell them some of your asinine bllshit about me?

Now isn't that about your style?

Ninja liar cogito?

If you can't debate with someone, if you can't discuss a thing with someone, best thing for you to do is to slander them, and ply your ninja-style attacks.

That's about your speed, eh?

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He was a weakling

A pathetic loser who didn't like losing battles of wit or logic, so he would just call names.
Calling people racist names doesn't change the outcome Studdy, and neither does changing you handle.
You remain a loser.

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