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Is it right that China join the Korea War in order to help the North Korea?

I have been taught from childhood that how the People's Voluntary Army of China bravely fight against the America-leading UN troops in order to depend the DPRK.
I have never doubt about it unless I read some articles about the NK.

"Under the repressive regime of North Korea, most of the people are living at the brink of starvation (why do you think all the refugees are coming to China?) Thousands are political prisoners suffering cruel torture.  Across the border, in DEMOCRATIC South Korea, the people have a good life.  "

If this is true--Now few one doubt the fact that the people in NK leading a miserable life.

And this is the country which China depend,at the cost of million of life. And China lose a good chance to liberate Taiwan in 1951.

The history textbook tells us that China joined the war because the America-leading UN troops invade the DPRK. But what's the truth?As a matter of fact,the NK invade into the SK in 1951,and quickly almost occupy the whole peninsula. With the help of the UN troops. The SK troops fight back and over the 38 degree line. Then the America and the SK becomes the invader.

If China didn't join the war ,the UN and SK troops can won the war and the Korea Peninsula can reunite,and both the people  in the north and the south can lead a happy life,like today's ROK. The war would not last such a long time and the cost of the lives  will not be so huge.

However,the situation of the PRC will be more dangerous,its base of heavy industry in Northeast China will be threated by the US troops. If a war broke out,the most important factories of China,will be ruined. China had to keep an army of a large size in order to protect its industry,which will do harm to develop economy,like today's DPRK. And the war will undergo on the earth of china,which will cost a lot of lives of Chinese citizens.

So China join the war,in order to protect itself,not for the happiness of the people of North Korea.

But I think most of Chinese at that time thought they are helping others while helping themslves and people will be happier under the Communist government than under the Capitalist government. After all,no one can predict the situation of the NK would become.  

But are the trouble resolved?What will the situation in North Korea become?

The first probability is that the government of Kim Jong Il start to reform its economy and open its gate as what China did after 1978. The economy start to recover and develop quickly. It's good for China. However,this chance is rather small,because it is difficult for the North Korea to open the gate since the state close the gate for too long time.

The second probability is that the government of Kim Jong Il refused to reform its economy and open its gate . I can predict that more and more people lose their hope of the government. The state will collapse after a long economy crisis. Perhaps a war will break out. The South Korea will take the chance to reunite the whole peninsula . It is very likely to happen but it is harmful for China.

The third probability is that the government of Kim Jong Il try to reform its economy and open its gate . However it failed. The government turned to the South Korea in order to save its economy. At last ,the two countries reunited peacefully. Probably it will happen and its harm to China is not large as the second probability.

For China,it should try to persuade the NK to take the reform,in order to  get the first probability and avoid the second probability.

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Never Let Anyone Outside The Family Know What You're Thinking.

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There should be damage accountability for use of nuclear means as for dynamite explosives. North Korea should be able to be sued for damages resulting from their nuclear testings which may destroy seafood life as did the gulf oil spills.

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