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People I would like to challenge to a duel [Copy link] 中文

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In light of the vicious attacks against Seneca, and in the spirit of dueling, I challenge the following people to a duel:

Whitedevil – the name by itself is reason enough for me wanting to drive a stake in this person's heart. But it's much more than that; whitedevil lives up to his name in such a fashion that would make Meryl Streep proud. He has proven to be a sexist, racist, anti-Semitic and an apologist. Strangely he seems to have a kind of working relationship with Shanhuang! As the saying goes, politics make strange bedfellows. Yuck!

Christopher – He's the UK version of Shanhuang, but with a very nasty streak of anti-Semitism. He seems to be launching a wave of racism on this forum, Hitler-style. He's also a bit mouthy. If I were a sadistic person, this poor soul would be my t-bone steak.

Shanhuang – He often talks before he thinks. He truly has potential; I grudgingly admit that he is intelligent (at least in his level of knowledge) but his logic makes Carrot Top look like Einstein. Also, he can't take a joke. In addition, he's a sore loser in debates.

The worst insult is that he efuses to believe that I'm African American. He has called me white, Zionist, a Japanese apologist, etc. And he accuses me of being different handles.

Now, as to the duel, you can choose: a good old-fashioned sword fight, a gun fight, a 1-on-1 game of basketball, 1-on-1 American football, a game of Stratego, Risk, chess, Chinese chess, etc., you choose. The LOSER (Christopher, whitedevil, Shanhuang) forever stays away from the China Daily Forum and treat the winner (that would be me) to Pizza Hut once every month for a full year. Of course, I may shorten for “civilized” behavior.

The following four people, I am keeping an eye on. Therefore, they are on probation:

Chairman – To this day I don't understand why he and Shanhuang had that silly argument; they are near clones! Seemed like two blabbering children accusing each other of being each other!

Wuchao – Seems to be Shanhuang's boy.

Selrahc – For some reason, this name reminds me of the Joker in Batman. Also there is the smell of a rat nearby.

Euronighter – The name stinks and this relatively Johnny-come-lately person seems to be a milder version of whitedevil.

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Ha ha!

White Devil.

Should be so fortunate........

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Hi Blaray

I know what you mean, but this is a wonderland of irresponsibility, where all kind of cable heroes can have their "days of fame". Hence, duels are out of option. Unfortunatelly.

I also think you probably have not chewed chairman and SH yet enough. Because I don't think you could match them in any way, leave alone clones.
The only one thing common for them both is the intention to be pro-China whenever for whatever.
But except of this, everything else is different.

BTW, you'd better edit your words and say something nice like :chairman is a fg pro-China maniac, a crazy madman, biased moron,or something like that. He would swallow this without a blink of the eye.
But when you call him a clone of Shanhuang... - man , I have a feeling that now he is thinking of calling you for a duel, and not in chess...


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Blowing in the wind...


There are myriad examples of life's rich tapestry on this forum, some good, some bad, some downright ugly.

I appreciate your frustration, but you need to bear in mind that many use this forum as a means of making statements that they'd never have the cojones to make in public - classic "paper tigers".  Try to rise above it...

I always thought of chairman as a plant; I think he's really Korean or Japanese,  just making ridiculously over-the-top pro-China statements as a means of attracting criticism for all things Chinese.

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re: blaray

about selrahc ...

this guy is definitely an odd-ball.  and he's prone to sink threads under the weight of multiple, consecutive posts.  and he was banned once before, as kanyuek.  but you should read some of his sex education posts.  you got to admit, the guy has some talent in the smut department.


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Thanks for the tips

Hi guys, thanks for the tips. I will check out some of Selrahc's post in the sex ed. department as a way of giving him a second chance and after hearing AndyDob's warning, just to be on the safe side, to Chairman I say: "You are a deranged, pro-China extremist."

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A duel?

What childish behaviour!
In this forum are the sick minds and baby talks. How despicable are immature adults.

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