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Don't Blame this Bad Idea--Women are fast food as well as---- [Copy link] 中文

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guys are fast food as well as ...

boring topic...

just choose what you want to do. If you want to go to have girls as fast food, just go ahead. no one would stop you.

Ancient emperor in China would have 3000 girls in the palace, which reveals the randy nature of human being. No wonder guys here would have this kind of thinking. Men would think of having sex with as many beautiful girls as possible. No matter you are a common person or the emperor.

Actually, I'm not blaming it on the one who posted this message here. Even Wu Ze Tian, who is the only female emporer in Chinese history , would have some guys in the palace.  

What I want to say is when you are having fast food, no matter you are guys or girls (guys have fast food more often I think), just try to remember the first time you fell in love or the first time you had affection on someone, how you felt at that time. Try to remember the pure affection on the one you like. Do you think your first one would be the fast food?

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i Don't know how to Describe Women are as soft as water

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But another saying:

WOMAN is like an attractive book no matter with  with good cover or not.

When a man come across, he mostly like to read it ,least or more, he didn't takeit and pay for it as if he would like to share " book" with other's

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i like the document you cited  " life is  a box of chocolate"
your joined day[joined this forum] is my birthday :)

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Anything saying on man:

In Mordern and Liberal world, Man could be a special Gift for women treasured by woman as her magic dick ,rather than women to be a gift for man for her beauty

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May be there why I eat different "fast food" everyday or twice to three times a

I love fast food but also Chinese foods too.

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Sel and Xp. You are great with dirary-like ,self made story to tell in true sens


The pratagonist is Xp

You know what? I’ll probably feel stupid or posting this.

But screw it. All of you who are desperate for love might find salvation in this.

I have loved, and I did my best to live up to what I thought it should be.

But at the age of 29, I’m collapsing under my own expectations.

I’m Chinese. I’m American. I’m a confused soul.

Or maybe I’m the bridge that most of you need.

The Chinese ideal of sacrifices and selflessness, plus the American sense of individual and freedom.

Perhaps, I’m the worst of the combination.

I can’t free myself like most Americans would, nor can I free myself like most Chinese could.

I’m doomed.

Tomorrow, when I wake up from all this hang over, I’ll go visit my wife again.

Maybe I’ll beseech the nurses for any signs of hope.

Maybe I’ll argue with the doctors because I don’t like their realistic views.

Maybe I’ll resign to fate, and crumble.

What am I? Am I Chinese? Am I American?

Am I suffering this because I’m a masochist or am I a good man?

Regrets. Fate. Love. Life. I have spent too much time thinking.

But in the end, there is no real answer. I’m confused as ever.

You can’t help me. Nobody can.

I’ll have to do this alone. Make a decision.

But what would fate have in store for me this time?

Go down with the ship as a good man?

Or be logical as my teachings taught me?

Do I owe her my life?

The decision is always impossible to make, even if everyone tells you one thing.

I’m sorry, I need to vent.

You don’t know me.

I’m a stranger in a strange world.

I just needed to be drunk and vent…

I think I’ll feel better tomorrow. Good night. 6:46 am.

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  freedom from the known
People can tell you something what is the true love, but they can not tell what is your true love like, for that is your own thing. We should begin somewhere from knowing ourselves.

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