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Do you really think sex is good? [Copy link] 中文

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gyom2004, The question you brought up is valid. But it implies pre-mature ejacul

I sure understand where you come from. After spending so much time for courtship, wine and dine, slow hand and soft touch, kisses and hugs, promises and promises, holding hands together, taking a walk along the beach, take a trip to the countryside and sharing your meal together and then go back to the apartment........

Then you found out it would last for 10 seconds,



You, ask the CHINA DAILY FORUM readers is it worth to spend so much time to chase a Chinese girl and then "GONE IN TENS SECONDS" all the energy you spent and the effort to enjoy, but "GONE IN TEN SECONDS".

So I proposed you to learn something about the parasympathetic system and the sympathetic system of the autonomic system in your body to control the erection and ejaculation.

There is no clear definition of "good sex" and "bad sex' but if it only lasted for tens seconds, it is bad sex and you then blames it on wasting your time, your energy, your effort and on the world why ? and your partner too, why?

As the last post mentioned it is the "sympathetic system" that control the ejaculation and once it reaches the orgasmic phase, there is no return and you become flaccid and frustrated and unable to perform and say to yourself," I spend a lot of yuans for dinner, gift, time and everything and it only lasts only ten seconds !"

The pronounced feature of a "good sex" is at least  to last for 30 minutes to 1 hour. (even 20 minutes is acceptable  for a beginner).
You don't need much energy, just self-control, not get too excited and remember sex is not dirty if you two are lovers and love each others so much and dedicate your life to each others as husband and wife.

You have to satisfy her and at least able to last for 30 minutes will be able to arouse her to reach orgasm and so she does not have to fake orgasm. (another post why so many Chinese women may fake orgasm).

If you can last for one hour or two hours, you can satisfy her and she can reach orgasm for 2 or 3 times and enjoy more and more.

This is a scientific study not about "dirty" or "bad" but enhance your relationship and marriage.

So many marriage fells apart because men and women use sex as weapons to hold back and fight. I fought with my wife but we forgot each others after making love passionately and remembered the good old times and laugh and forgot why and what we fought for. Yes, I broke the expensive plate while washing dish ! What a silly thing to fight !  I hate her spending so much money on dry-cleaning ! (God, what a very small thing to fight over dry-cleaning the clothes ) The thing we fight most is about "money". So I am no different than 1.4 billion Chinese that we have to face everyday problem and we "DON'T NEED MORE PROBLEMS WHEN WE GO TO BED AND FIGHT OVER SEX !

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Old Wisdom

I enjoyed the posts, very informative. The technique described is indeed very old. I came across it in the book The Tao of Sexuality by Dr. Stephen Chang. Actually, the technique described above, can be trained very easily, by pressing a reflex point called Jen-Mo, it's also called the million-dollar spot. It is located in the area between the "exit" and the family jewels". When pressed at the right time, an ejaculation is prevented, but an actual chemical reaction in the brain is triggered. With this technique the orgasm can be prolonged, because vital energy is not wasted. The goal is to preserve your "chi" or vital energy and not waste it. The million-dollar spot becomes a billion-dollar spot if your partner presses it. However, it takes some practice to find the spot. If you done everything right no ejaculation whatsoever should occur. Additionally if your urine gets milky after "doin it" you also didn't do it right.

Very important is, NOT to visualise anything during the process. Later other techniques come into play, once you master this one. As Dr. Chang puts it, the actual energy flow initiated through the prostrate is guided upwards to the spine, you should feel some tickling if you do it right.

This techniques are actaully designed to enable women to reach the tenth level of the female orgasm, since men's duties are to satisfy the woman.

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I certainly haven't mastered your favoured 'no cum' technique.

Maybe its just the girls in SZ mate, but i have found it easy enough to master...

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Nexus949, Thank you very much! There is another powerful sexual technique!!

Thank you for other Chinese readers to come forwards to support my scientific research about the "prolonged" erection technique

There is another "variant" of this technique that is performed by many in their "younger days".

How to get "prolonged erection" despite ejaculation and not become flaccid?

There is so-called "refractory period" for a man after ejaculation and the brain reaches a "plateau" phase and requires time for the blood to fill up the penis. But there is another sexual technique of sublime erection--control of the erection to the point of "prolongation" and bypass the "refractory phase" and remain "erected" despite ejaculation.

So you can enjoy sex to the "sublime stage" by making love to your lover and if you wish after 20-30 minutes, you ejaculate your load but remain erected, hard , "wood", and "firm" and can continue the fun.

This technique is based on the scientific research of able to "stop the blood flowing out of the penis despite ejaculation and shuting the gate or channal "of the outflow" of the blood out  and allows you to be the "REAL MAN", able to perform and enjoy sex to the fullness.

Concerned about the "no cum technique", you can try next time, when you feel the urge to cum, stop and relax and massage the "trigger point" as mentioned and it will allow you to stay "strong" and you will feel so good.

I felt  "good" when  I was having a good times  and  enjoy making love to her and felt like a "REAL MAN" pounding so hard but never cum.   I could feel my partner was so "wet". I knew I satisfied her well. She had reached several orgasm over and enjoyed my love.

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"Visualization" of making love is more enjoyable than the act itself !

After you master these technique, you should be able to visualize the beautiful act of two lovers making love to each others.

The arts of making love really involves the visualization of two bodies melted together into one.

The visualization of your and her bodies together can be visualized by the reflection of the image on the big mirror on the wall.

If you don't have a big mirror, you can visualize the actual act by placing her in bed and you stand on the edge  of the bed and actually can see each penetration and able to stimulate her clitorus and her nipples and feel so good to be a "MAN" !!

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you're a weird one

You do have a problem!
You don't have to give up the other pleasures in your life to have sex.
You can still have a good meal in a great restaurant, a ticket to Disneyland, an evening watching a good football match or a day at the beach, without having to give up sex. In fact in all of those cases you could even enjoy sex at the same time.
I enjoy all of sex, which thankfully for me lasts more than "ten seconds", it's not dirty, you can sleep after if you want, i really don't understand why you think sex is frustrating.
But you are entitled to your own opinion gyom2004, and if you would rather ride the ferris wheel at Disneyland than make love, then go for it mate!

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"Maybe its just the girls in SZ mate, but i have found it easy enough to master.

Is that cos they do nothing for you or just cos you're getting nothing?   Or is it cos you're an adonic like mr selrahc?

We could all learn a thing or two from selrahc who seemingly mamages to last for hours every time with his overweight and middle-aged wife.

Fair play to him!  That's the mark of a real 'no cum master'

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