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Do you really think sex is good? [Copy link] 中文

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Just like the old days.  I like selrahc better than kanyuek.  I've enjoyed your posts lately.

I'm very much a novice compared with a love god such as yourself.  I haven't experienced many girls (less than 20).  A lot of those were not particularly satisfying.  

I certainly haven't mastered your favoured 'no cum' technique.

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5,000 years of ancient Chinese secret and about "boring" sex !

Is there truly "a no cum technique" in sex ? Absolutely

The Chinese actually were very keen on blood flow and circulation. The ancient Chinese traditional doctors just checked the pulse and actually measured the blood flow through the radial artery.

The penis is just like any organs in your body and blood flows through the penis just like there are 8,000 cc of fluid going through your mouth, esophagus, stomach, into your gut and re-absorbed in the large gut.

The penis upon sexual stimulation will increase the blood flow to become hard and erect. Where the blood comes from? Overall it comes from the general circulation and if there is increased blood flow to the penis, there will be less blood going to the heart and other places like the brain etc.

The control of blood is just like two gates to allow blood to flow through and increase blood to flow in upon sexual stimulation and block the blood to get out.

The most important "trick" is to block the blood going out and able to sustain "prolonged erection",

The second part is the autonomic sympathetic system to control the ejaculation. This is much difficult to control because it is autonomic and you can not control it. isn't it? The answer is NO.

There is a 'pleasure center" in your brain and upon certain level of excitation, your autonomic sympathetic system will  take over and ejaculate !!

You don't need sex to ejaculate ! You don't need masturbation. You don't need anything but just the brain reaches the thresholds and you will ejaculate.

The most important part is to raise the thresholds level of the pleasure zone in your brain by practice and practice i.e. when you see a beautiful woman, don't get excited.  Learn to be calm and have your girlfriend to teach you, the best way I learned is she will stimulate me , go and stop, go and stop, when I am ready to ejaculate, she will withdraw the stimulation, i.e. like oral stimulation and practice for hours and hours until she can stroke hard for 1 hour and I will never cum.

She start out a specific target, the target is for me to hold off for one (1) hour while we enjoy each others. She would start at 15 minutes, then increase to 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 1 hour.

She will even bring her beautiful girlfriend but no sex involved to stimulate me and suppress my pleasure center so I will never cum.

I finally graduated when she had three women rotated using all different means to stimulate me for three hours and I was able to be loyal to my love and never ejaculated and never turn my brain on towards the three women.  Never look at the three beautiful women at all and never get excited at all and remained just calm and nothing happened  (This may be her trick to train my brain only towards her and satisfy her only !)

It took a lot of practice and years and years of practice but some women knows how to squeeze your testicles and may make you cum but you try the best to stop the act.

It is very frustrated if you completed the act in ten seconds and become flaccid. She taught me to stay hard for hours and hours and performed in front of others at Hedonism III and it worked very well.

Don't eat a heavy meal, especially steak, stay healthy. I never smoke or drink and remain very strong despite in 50's (yes in 50's and perform better than I was in teens. Smoking will constrict the blood vessels and reduce blood flow into the penis.

So the most important part is to increase blood flow, block off the pleasure center in the brain and allow the body  to increase the blood circulation into the area and holding off ejaculation. It takes two to practice.

It is just like her to practice a specific skills to tighten her vagina after having the baby by stop and go, stop and go upon urination and make her much tighter !!

I hope this is an academic medical discussion and by no means works for everyone !!

(I have corrected the statement that it is the parasympathetic autonomic system which governs the erection and the sympathetic aytonomic system can governs the ejaculation and you can control it as you practice more and more despite it is a autonomic system. )

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Please teacher... teach me?

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WTF r u talking about??

man, u got a fever??
"Sex is dirty"...LOLZ, if sex is dirty, what can be clean?

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red_student, The first step is to find a girlfriend and spend a weekend together

The first step of the technique is very easy to learn and once you master this, you may forever enjoy the fruit of "love".

You must spend a weekend together in a secluded place like a motel/hotel or a park or beach that no one is there.

I started this in a nice hotel when I was in my 30's and my girlfriend took the Friday afternoon off and drove down to meet me 200 miles (we lived 400 miles away from each other, I drove 200 miles too and met each other in between).

I normally arrived early and waited for her.

There are many ways to start this. You can sit in a chair and relax, or in a big sofa or in a bed.

She start to "go down" on you slowly and gently. You should relax and have a drink and prefer to enjoy this and she must be very patient and going down on you for hours and hours. I prefer for 4 hours and if you feel like to reach orgasmic phase, stop and relax and just calm down and wait for a few minutes and let her start all over again.

When I first started, she was so patient with me and would "go down" on me for 4 hours and and went for a swim and had dinner.

You learn the endurance of enjoying sex without doing anything and "prime" your body to prolong the erection without ejaculation.

Practice this step for one month and then come back for more. I will teach you more the next step.

<<<It is very difficult because most Chinese girls/women would never like to  perform that for hours on their boyfriends to prolong this phase and "prime" your body. So good luck to you. Never choose a beautiful girlfriend but someone you like and willing to share this technique with you ! My girlfriend was a very nice person and willing to give and receive so she was willing to spend 4 hours to make me "prime"  and ready for all night adventure and  I was able to perform. Bring a camcorder with you and record that. When you looked back, it was amazing how you can sustain for hours and hours. (10 seconds is pre-mature ejaculation and lack of self-control. Sex is not dirty. Watch the big mirror on the wall and see for yourself when two people who love each others, they melt away into one. No sex involved but embraced each others>>>>

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You sound like a professional!

Pity me haven't any girl friend yet!

How can I enjoy sex?

Hey! Don't tell me to find prostitute!

It's not my will.

What i need is cleaning sex!

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autonomic nervous system

Great post. One minor correction for the purists. The parasymathetic nervous system governs obtaining an erection. The sympathetic nervous system ejaculation. But, again , great post!

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