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I don't think I want to have any children [Copy link] 中文

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Tangmu.  I also feel the same as yourself.  Children require 20years of commitment from the parents.. if they required just 1 year, I would have no problems   Children require time/money/responsibility and also give you lots of stress, worry and frustration.  Dont get me wrong, kids are great, as long as I dont own them :)  I want to live life and enjoy it, and that doesnt include taking care of pets or kids   Am I selfish, maybe I am but if people tellme to have kids.. I will say: "sure, I will have kids if you take care of them for me everyday, if not, dont ask me!"   This is something very important to note, find a girl that also has the same views(not interested in kids) or you may find yourself in a big fight/argument over this matter.  Good luck.

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Children are wonderful creatures and you will enjoy them forever and forever !

Children mean so much to me.

When I held the tiny little creature home, I couldn't t believe it was a girl !!!

I was fainting, Was this true, a real baby, just stayed in the hospital for one day ?

What was the name of the baby? Julieanna, Maryanna, Diana ?

After the first one, I wanted more and more. So what if the government only give my  wife 55% of the paycheck for having a baby for 1 year and I think 24 or 36 week of 55% of your salary/pay  for the husband for having a baby (?) I can't remember the exact amount "men" get to have babies but women get one year of her 55% of the  salary plus one year off maternity leave !

Take her to school the first day scared her so much but seeing her growing up and  wanted this and wanted that made me special to be a dad . Even going to eat  at McDonald two or three times a day was fun  !

The best moment was when  she was three years old and we went up on stage for daughter and father dance. I was delighted to be on stage and danced away with my tiny little girl. She was in dance school !

Having children means seeing them go off  to colleges/universities and getting dates and engaged and got married. Having childen means seeing your daughter having a beautiful boy named after you !!


That's why my previous user name is my mother's name and I forever remembered my mother who brought me in this world and taught me right and wrong despite I was wrong 10 millions times but I strived to be a better person and taught my children to be a good kid and a good girl and a good woman !!

My mother took me to school everyday, cooked for me, washed me, took my first step with me. I kept all the pictures with me. My mother is the most beautiful woman on earth ! I worship her !!

Without my mother, I would not have been on this world !!!

I even adopted two beautiful Amerasian children, one boy and one girl and gave them Chinese names this time ! (My wife was sick a lot so I stopped having children !)

I want more and I am trying to find a way to get more children......the saga continues...........will keep you up to date for my adventure to search for the best children............and more............more children..............I have found another way to have another child !!! LOL !!

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so you have a McDonal daughter, dr. neurosis

"Even going to eat at McDonald two or three times a day was fun !"

1. dr neurosis has no money to get his daughter a decent meal

2. dr. neurosis had no education to realize that his daughter eating at M two or three times a day is equivalent to killing her slowly

3. another imaginary story of his after intaking prozac

4. dr. neurosis's daughter is truly the obese mutt

the conclusion is some are not apt to be parents but still had sex and have kids

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nothing is wrong with that

some people should never have children.

1. people who want to have total freedom without any responsibilities to children and family.  freedom is good, nothing is wrong with this very responsible choice.

2. immaturity, not even after they became adults and older

3. not educated, not intelligent, not financially capable of providing constant support to their children

4. mentally ill, psychologically sick, genetically impaired.  they will bring nothing but harm to the children.

there are a lot more other reasons as a matter of fact

many children have been born to this world only to suffer:

1. children born in poverty, in undeveloped countries especially.  children who lost their parents due to various reasons without getting any government or charity aid.  needless to talk about their education, health care or any future.

2. as some mentioned divorce rates, many, if not all, children from divorcing and divorced families often suffer from the fights, emotional pains, change of economic condition and others.  these children may grow up to become decent good honest people, but they will carry the stigma for the rest of their life.

3. child abuse is Not unheard of anywhere in any country in this world.  it happens to the wealthy as well as the poor.

4. some irresponsible men and women have sex and have children without any consideration of children's emotional well beings, financially responsibilities and educational needs.   how and who can help so many of them out of misery?

stories of innocent children in agony can be found anywhere anytime.

this world is Not completely hopeless for children, but it takes extremely responsible, devoting and capable women and men who are committed to give up most of their personal freedom to be parents.

the society should respect the people who Responsibly choose not to have children as they respect those who choose to have children responsibly.

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another point of view

I've seen marriage / relationship fail because of kids.  I personally vote for no-kids, as

1) economically speaking, return on investment is close to zero as hopefully no parent would need their children to support them in old ages.  

2) as emotionally speaking, the love parents give to children is always bigger than the other way around

3) it is a pleasure to have children but that is a very selfish reason to have have them

4) most of us are under pressure most of the time when we grow up.  this will be true also for kids when they grow up.  they are better off if are never born

However, from the relationship point of view, if you are a happy couple, and if you love each other very much, then I would say, have children if one of you wants them.  Why is that? because

1) if you refuse her, she would think you don't want to have children with her.

2) as she is stuck with you and you love each other, you can't deprive her of her pleasure of being a mother, if that's really important to her.  

3) you never have children before, how do you know it will not be nice at the end?  Ask around, I found out that almost nobody regreted to have children

I guess that I haven't really given you any advice.  It's a difficult one.

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children are not toys

they are not tools or materials to be used as you need them

they are not toys or pets you play with as you please and throw away as you unwant them

they are not your possession for you to control and own and sell

they are not dairy cows. never demand your children pay you back when they grow up.  they are a result of your recreational sports activity, sex.

if you have children, for the next 20 yrs or more, your total dedication and responsibility will be in demand.

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over-populated world, less population less polluted environment

don't have babies without thorough family planning
some women just want her own babies to  bond with their husband

children are not toys, not symbol of achievement
love between a couple is more about a long lasting relationship with/without children
they need your endless attention, time, energy, education, love and care

why to have a child if you don't have the strong will to bring him/her up to be a better person than yourself

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