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If you were me, would you stay with that girl? [Copy link] 中文

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just want to add to what CRB_600 said

yes, it's not uncommon to give a gift reciept... but it's only done voluntarily.  So I could choose to give someone a gift along with the receipt.  But it would be considered to be VERY rude to ask the giver for the receipt.  Just a little clarification, so our Chinese friends don't get a wrong impression.

P.S:  Most of the time, we don't give gifts with receipts.  Just the gifts.   The one exception is during the Christmas season, when we exchange gifts out of tradition.  And of course, never with a gift of love.  ^^

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Too Laokung2004

First, don't judge people by your brain, judge people by the facts.
Even I'm a girl from the country side so what? it means what? Who told you country side girl is defenitely narrow eyes or material? Please open your mind first!!!

First, I wanna point out here is, the purpose to give the girl you like as the boyfriend is what? To show your feeling to her, or wanna her shohws you a splendid smile and keep the gift forever?
To me, I think if I gift someone the present, I just care that I've expressed the good feeling to the one I gifted, that's it. I can't force the one to like the gift, or even I don't care how she or he use it. Gift is just one kind of language: I care you, I like you, thank you, I love you.....

For the one who wanna the one who gifted keep it for long time just only show the self-view. since he/she wanna to get back the appreciation, love feedbac, or bribe;,,, with the benificial intention.

I don't care what you are thinking, I just share my opinion with Gyom, who is my friend. Since he is from a open mind country, why need to bother himself with troubles or sth might just his imagination?


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mkszlove0910, you're wrong!

You're not giving the right opinion to your friend!

Your trash concepts about the value would endanger  and mislead the judgement of the valuation of our new generations.

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To LaoKung

Please be careful of your words here...

I never put "I'm right" in my opinion share.....I just shares my thoughts with my friend. The decision maker is Gyom, not you. Life is diversity, world is diversity, people are diversity, opinion too!

Please be careful not to input any " Wrong" or  "Right" words in your opinion as well.

Nobody is the authorized to define " Wrong" Or " Right", Nobody is authorized to point to other as well.   

a narrow mind sparrow

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If i were you

From your story ,the fundamental point i find is that the girl is not fit to me .
First ,she didn't respect me ,maybe she has her own reason.
Then ,i will tell you ,not every chinese gal likes your girlfriend

Have a talk with her ,Good luck

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Wake up, please!

to :mkszlove6910
You wrote: the way, even she refound it, it's her business. If she don't like the jacket, she could refound it and buy sth she likes. Is that criminal? After you handover it to your girlfriend, it does not belong to you anymore. Why you need to care about how it gone?

That's really a upside down valuation , an irresponsibility to erase our virtue of valuation. If I don't rectify yours, it's would be a laughingstock to the outside world!

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I have taken a decision...

I believe that the right thing to do is not to give her anymore presents as long as I do not see her wearing the jacket.

If she is smart enough she will understand why I act like this and realise that she has lost more than she has won.

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