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If you were me, would you stay with that girl? [Copy link] 中文

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Dont let this alone trouble you

Look at her on her entire nature. This is just a small incident in what may be a huge set of characteristics. Dont reach decisions basis one seemingly very wrong incident. I feel that this is only an exceptional behaviour from her. Observe her and build your opinion on her slowly and then, you can decide whether you should love her or leave her.

Maybe she had some reason behind it, maybe she is different from most of us, maybe she is trying to cheat you, there can be a many more positives as well as negative "maybe". So you will have to understand her more as a person. wishing you all the very best....

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try to talk with her

i think what you should do is talk with her first and ask the reason, it is not a understandable behavior. good luck!

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If i were you,i will part with her.What she had done is unbelievable.I sympathize  you.

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are you sure she love you?

As a gal,If I get some gift from my boyfriend ,I will keep it so carefully.
I think any girls will do that.
You have to make sure  what's the purpose that she sold the jacket!
at least ,you should make sure if she love you !
That's very dangous.

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I can't undersand guys as well


        I don't know why you are so sure that your girlfriend defenitely went to the shop and get the money refound. Did you ever follow her and see it by your eyes? No way!
       Without any vividly envidence, why you are suspicious her like that? You know, in china it's also quite common to keep the invoice or receipt in case if the goods have some stain or not well-done which you might not notice. So what a big deal to request you to keep it?
       I don't know why you suspicious the girl like that? Does it mean you don't trust her? Or you don't trust yourself?
       By the way, even she refound it, it's her business. If she don't like the jacket, she could refound it and buy sth she likes. Is that criminal? After you handover it to your girlfriend, it does not belong to you anymore. Why you need to care about how it gone?
       I think the one who really need to think about stay with you is your girlfriend, you are not in the right situation to think about it!!!


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It is a very common practice in the West too ! but girls prefer DIAMOND !

1. Why did you give your girlfriend the receipt? WHY?

2. I would ask her to wear the jacket ?

3. Did she not like the colour, the size or the style and prefer to exchange another one?

4. Some girls prefer a different style of jacket, unlike diamond or ring.

I would raise my suspicion on this but this has nothing to do with Chinese girls/women. SOME women prefer to return the gift or things they bought to the stores. This has nothing to do with you being a westerner and your gf a Chinese !

Would I stay with her ? I would not ! But if she is willing to exchange another one, she should have gone with you in the first place, so I could dump her in a second ! There is a word for those girls in America--"White trash" !!!

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Ms. mkszlove0910, it is called theft !! Wake up, it is not "Refund" but "stealin

Refund ! excuse me, who bought the jacket !

Do you understand logical reasoning  in this case!!

You never sell, recycle, or refund gift ! It is such a precious gift I would wear for the rest of my life and show off to all my gf/bf !!! Wake up !!

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