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Marriage advice [Copy link] 中文

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I have lived in China for 2 years and love it.  Speaking of love, I've been with my lady for 20 months and we will be married in June.  
Does anyone know what my resident status will be as an American marrying a Chinese lady?  Am I allowed to buy housing?

My consulate has answered many questions but not these.  We plan on living here with visits to the states for holidays.

I'd love to hear all thoughts.  This forum is such a wonderful way to communicate.

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Marriage doesn't help


Afaik your residence status doesn't change at all, when you get married to a chinese citizen. Not like in other countries.
But there are many other ways to buy a house for foreigners. Not easy, sometimes complicated, but possible.
The only advise I can give you is to contact your embassy in BJ and ask for a chinese lawyer who's specialized in this topic.


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New law

A new regulation came out in August 2004, saying that foreigners can apply for permanent residential status if fit in one of the following 2 conditions:

1) Having a spouse that has a permanent residential status
2) Holding a top management position in a corporate for at 3-4 years in China, with good tax paying record.

For condition, I find the following loop:
1) You marry a Chinese woman, then you get the permanent residential status; then
2) she applies for a US citizenship and gives up her Chinese nationality and permanent residential status; but you still have your greencard
3) with your greencard, she applies for a Chinese greencard; so both of you have US citizenship but Chinese greencard.

You know, Chinese laws and regulations are usually not very precise or exhaustive, so there are alot of interpretations and lucks / chances involved.  Anyways, I advise you to check with the immigration office of the Ministry of public security.  

Congrats to your marriage!

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Seneca! Weird~~~~~~

Dear Seneca k ka ka,

As a Chinese guy, reading your masterpiece “we would tell you with huge responsibility: Chinese are very angry; The result is very serious” (actor's lines from <天下无贼,no thief in the world>,acted by Actor Andy Lau 刘德华 : )

It is really something of actor-proof and comedic:

1.”Your status is not likely to be affected by marrying a local person; you will always have to apply for a visa, i.e. a tourist visa, a business visa or a work visa (this through your employer). “

Miscegenation is always respected in China, and son-in-law also could not help feeling doted on when he is becoming a part of the hiding dragon.  Surely there should be rules to the incomers, which seems a little troublesome to hot-tempered guy. It is a kind of nonfigurative aegis between both sides also.

2.”Buying property, you can buy property even without having a local partner although you must beware as too many buildings are flooding the market before they are completed, and developers often run out of financing, leaving buyers in the lurch...
As a foreign owner you must be doubly careful! You must pay with foreign currency (i.e. HK dollar), and your developer must have a license to sell to foreign passport holders.”

Blue people would always see sky black? We do not think there is no fly in your home house ,from which you would also not accept the judgement your home is nothing but a closestool. The developer who can finish building often could testify that he is someone of fund and intelligence and would not rash to rap the left window to mend the right wall before his project completed.  I have no prestige to expatiate the market but just some buddies are involving in it who are achieving both applauds and performance. As for leaving buyers in the lurch… ,could you please review the developer completely before your childish decision?

2.”However, I strongly urge you to draw up an agreement with your partner whereby you secure your ownership rights to your future home. Note that any property in your possession before the marriage is yours, whereas any property you come by during your marriage is jointly owned.
If your relationship should sour you stand to lose quite a bit...”

Wo shi ni lao ba had ever said that " Don’t measure the abdomen of man of honour with your abject guy’s heart"  (have u heard that saint before, neither do I) in ancient China.  However, I sincerely assure you understand “loving is self-giving”. From this point I also doubt the relationship between you and your wife. Would she someday kill you after she buys insurance for you? Screaming: NO! She is my wife. Your wife? The Chinese gal is also the bridegroom’s. How can you so advise them instead of “congratulations” ?
Seneca, I did not know quite a bit about the cladistics, but your taedium vitae is pushing me considering about your grandmother’s attitude towards the world. Chinese population is indeed huge but the ding-a-lings are not so much here. Please alleviate your flounder pooh-poohing China mess, we are living normally with most of the immigrates.
You know ever the Big thief(LAU) in the film metioned upper had devoted to preventing the stealing to a boor from orginized bandits , running out of his life!!

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seem a personal attack

I think Seneca is reponsible for what his (or her) advice to his friend, not just clarify his disgust against Chinese I do wonder why are you so excited about some deliberate advices one person give to his friend.
If your friend  ask for your advice, would you consider whether he is a patriot or not?
anyway I admire your English very much, and I also understand you are a member of hiding dragon.

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I didn't expect....

To have my questions explore so many areas.
I can appreciate the balance in the responses.  In the more mundane, I certainly appreciate all the advice and it helped.  

From my perspective, I've traveled the world for over 30 years and have experienced many cultures and thoughts.  Mysogeny?  I'm often troubled by the way women are treated in many countries, both Asian and Western but yet I didn't feel that was exactly where he was coming from.  Caution...sure.

I am most fortunate to have been absorbed by a wonderfully traditional Chinese family whom were quite against our relationship at the beginning.  I can also say that they have given to me much more than anything of value I could give them.

I feel at home here hence the question about permanent residence.  Seems like I have 2 opposite answers.
Has anyone reading this married a Chinese woman and been granted permanent residence?  Acquired property?
Thanks all for the energetic dialogue!

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