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have you ever been afraid of death? [Copy link] 中文

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no fear for death

I'm 54 now. The only worry is that if there's a long period of poor health before dying that'd be more fearful. My mother had a stroke and we had to watch her from not walking to not breathing for more than 5 years . It's a tortue to anyone who loved her.
what's your opinion about  euthanasia doc?

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It seems that i was skirted with river and water while i was a little girl,so funny!!!

I even can't believe myself that i dropped into water so often then,while walking at the edge of the river or playing with the water,i dropped into it suddenly without any expection.

i do trust that THE GOD WAS BLESSING ME SO MUCH then,for everytime i dropped into river,there always anybody passed by and saved me timely.LUCKY  for me!!

Since we were borned and fated to death ,why not face the destiny affirmativly and optimisticly,life is sitll exciting for us,though we cant avoid that day.


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truely on the opposition to u Mr,sel

China is China,us is us,u could say chinese are more international,never could say they are americanism,to spend life likes americans have hardly been a target to aim at.chinese are on their own way,nothing could change it.

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sometime, i'm thinking what it will be like after death? Will I have any feelings? Will I still be able to see all the things happening on this planet? etc etc...

I was afraid, 'coz I don't know what it will be like...fear of unknown world.

On Chinese New Year Eve, four of us from different countries were talking about life, of coz, we talked about death. one said: If now asking me to die, i will die happily.  I'm single, i don't hv anything to worry about in this world after death, i've traveled around seeing different people, experiencing different cultures and parents and brothers will be sad for a while, but if they love me, they think of me and what I've done in my life so far, they will regain happiness in their life....

I asked myself if i die, will I be worrying about sthg or someone in this world??
my family, parents and siters they should feel happy for me if they love me and understand me. :-) for a short while, they will be very sad about me not living in this world with them. but sooner or later, they will understand.

and yes. i have only one thing to worry. my bf. my love. his words still around me: dying on me, i don't wanna clean up the messes after it alone...

I wish that i could still feel the love even after i die...then i fear nothing in the univers.

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Amyamy, I have reviewed most of the case of "Dr. Death" in Michigan in early 199

Euthanasia is legal in Holland ( Netherlands) but even ALL European countries do not embrace such idea because it can lead to abuse by the doctor and the state !

I am very strongly opposed to euthanasia because the "state" can abuse such power and order any one who opposed to the policies of the State be executed. And what better way is to use the excuse of "euthanasia".

We must balance the right of the majority voice vs. the minority in a constructive way to make our society a better place to live. Despite competing interests in many issues, Euthanasia should never be carried out in Holland(Netherlands), the only country in the world that allows the practice of euthanasia. The statue of Netherlands still outlaw euthanasia. But a Holland citizen can request a "Netherlands" doctor to perform such act only if he/she is a terminal patient and specifcally "request by the patient". Even if you are a UK citizen, they will refuse your request and you must be a Netherlands citizen and live there too !!

I sure understand the pain and suffering of many terminal diseases but we must never cross the line to allow doctors a legal mean to end anyone's life !!!!

"Dr. Death" in Michigan is currently serving a long sentence and some of his cases of committing "mercy killing" were not warranted or recommended. We should not play the role of "GOD" to decide who shall live or "die" but allow the natural process to decide !!

On the other side of the coin, I understand the heavy burden on the family of a terminal ill patient but it is against nature to "take" one's life despite he or she has terminal disease and suffers greatly.

This is a serious subject and "euthanasia" is committing murder !!!

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I'm in favor of euthanasia because:

1) The chance that euthanasia will be abused is much much much less than it will be used to relief suffering of patients, under the precondition that the practice should be performed when satisfying certain criteria (like the criteria in Netherland law).  We can't make many people suffer just to avoid a few potential abuses.

2) We human beings have been able to manipulate nature in many cases to accommodate our desire for pleasure, desire to avoid pain and etc.  Examples are contraceptive devices and medications, abortion, pain killers, surgical operations, hunting for pleasure, producing chemicals to pollute the air, and etc., all against "nature".  Euthanasia is one of such cases only.  

3) A part from Netherland, all other countries have not issued policies to allow euthanasia.  It is true, but it does not represent the majority voices of peole.  The only rational for this is that no lawmaker is willing to take the risk to allow a law that can be fatally abused.   Lawmakers or anyone in the position tends to play safe.  "it is not good, but at least nothing can go wrong".  This is a political game rather than a medical one.

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animal and human

In western world, when a dog or a horse is too old, the owner's vet will give advice to send it to death, saving it from unnecessary  pain. Why so merciful to animal and not to human?
I'd like to control my life if I feel  too weak to carry on. People have plastic surgeries and contraception , isn't it  against nature too?

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