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What do you feel if your girlfriend fakes orgasm [Copy link] 中文

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tell the truth.

don't fake the orgasm. tell your boyfriend the truth, then, he will find out what the problem is.

the lack of communication may prevent you two to enjoy sex. in most cases, we keep our secret to ourselves and wish our partner to understand us and interpret by themselves. if we are misunderstood, we are not ready to do self-examination, but to blame our lover

sex with the person we love is not a shame. in fact, when the two involved love each other, sex is the best way to express love. it is a physical and spiritual unity of two human beings.

Pink, in the early years when i had sex with my husband, i seldom had orgasm, but now i have at least one each time. personally, it easier for a woman to have orgasm when she is on the top. of course, you can try other positions to find out what is most appropriate for you.

when you are with your boyfriend, think that he is the best man in the world.

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Sex is not orgasm

...hey guys,stop being obssesed with your girlfriends'orgasms.
   For many  women they don t come as easily as they do for men. It s a matter of physiology. Most of the times it has nothing to do with how bad or good lover you are. Use your intuition. If the sex is good it ll be good for both no matter if it leads to her orgasm. The biggest mistake that a man can do is asking a woman if she came after sex. Don t pass your stress to your partner. It doesn t help to worry about it. Your fixation with her orgasm will definately not only make her come but
load her with the extra stress of not being able to do it when she s expected to.
   So keep your mouth shut, your eyes open and observe...

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Thanks! Monalisa

It made me feel much better caz  sometime i thougt if i have some problems. Two of my girlfriends said to me they cum everytime! I dont consider sex something shame but beautiful as you agree. Maybe it takes time to practice, communicate, explore between two ppl.

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i faked once coz he did too bad

i faked once . my ex was bad in bed . i just didn't want him to feel he was bad.....

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Or ....

Some girls "arrive" easier and repeatedly. Like 10-15 times a session repeatedly.
If I were you, I'd
a) get some skills
b) get another girl(or two)


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how to fake orgasm???
and how do u know that ur girl's faking it.

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pinktulip what is ur favorite action to orgasm?

woman-on-top ,on-bed,on bench ,on chair or others?

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