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love & sex--people have high drive don't need/suit to marriage [Copy link] 中文

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Screw the mods, I'll help you!

(This post has been deleted 3 times in Free Talk forum)

Dear AmyAmy:
I consider myself fairly familiar with China Daily's forum posting rules so I'll take the liberty of responding to your inquiries.

1.  Yes, you may use vulgar language in your posts.  It's none of anybody's business if you choose to sound like an uneducated oaf by using vulgar language such as "fecking shite"   We won't take you seriously but this was never intended to be a serious forum in the first place.  Keep in mind however that certain words are politically incorrect from time to time.   In the past we have banned words such as "Taiwan" and "democracy" in order to keep discussions concentrated on China -Africa relations.  We update our banned words list twice a week according to current events and our own personal whim.  
At present we are disallowing the name of a certain deposed Chinese Communist Party chairman who died recently as well as the most famous Chinese philosopher of all time who was the other half of the Criticize Lin Biao campaign launched in 1974.  (We only ban that Chinese philosopher once every 30 years or so.)  You may still use the search function to retrieve old posts that mention deposed leaders and famous banned philosophers but you are not allowed to type anything new using their names until we say you can.

2.  You also asked about copyrights.  You are welcome to copy any China Daily article you like.  We try to include the most interesting ones in our "Article Comments " forum but go ahead and recycle those boring articles that readers overlook for some reason.  Everybody should know something about Venezuela's oil exports to China and the banning of firecrackers.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your hours spent here on China Daily Forum and wish you a happy Chinese New Year.

Best regards,
Ngziya and China Daily Forum moderators

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Nyziya, I hope you are not too critical of Central Government of CHINA's policy

Dear Nyziya,

  I hope you really have a chance to look into the secret world of the FBI, State Investigator, Federal Agents, so-called Private Investigators and licensed "thugs" (police) in North America.

They can break into your house, apartment anything, plant listening device, use infra-red device across the street to monitor you 24 hours a day, even plant surveillance monitor in your bedroom and living room and even laundry room, wiretape your phone, cellphone and your computer. (even laundry room and your bathroom while you are taking the shower or bath !!!)

They can plant device in your car to track your movement and even place very small device inside your shoes to track where you go !

Believe me, the technology of the West to violate your privacy, your freedom is worse than in CHINA and so-called democracy is in name only.

Sure, in North America, you can surf the web but all the websites are monitored especially faked underaged pornographic websites, "selling prescription" drugs websites are blocked and there is no true freedom in North America if the RCMP, FBI want to harass you.

Nyziya, you have never heard of a famous case when an Arabic man stopped through New York City (He was not from United States and flew from Ottawa to Europe/Middle East but stop-over at New York City. He was detained by the FBI and harassed and interrogated and then sent to the Secret police in Syria and held without any court hearing for 18 months in Syria prison and tortured almosts to death !!

Even mutli-national companies have their secret police, ex-Delta Police security to protect the company's interest.

Have you heard of Ross Perot who hired private ex-Green Beret and Delta Force, the elite United States Army to go into Iran for a darling rescue mission to save his company employees "DEEP" inside Iran in 1970's and the mission was successful.

The secret spy agency of Israel had performed the world's best mission in murder, kidnapping outside Israel all the way into Africa and any part of the world.

So don't be too critical of CHINA's policy. CHINA has made major progress in human rights issues and open the door to the West and made significant economic progress and I do hope everything go well for CHINA.

Although CHINA is a communist or socialist country , but the economic policy is a free-market economy. Every country has the right to monitor her citizen 24 hours a day and "DO I CARE THEY WATCH ME AND DO SURVEILLANCE 24 HOURS A DAY ON ME OR HOUSE ARREST?"

  Hell NO !!

  Only if you know the "secret" of the Federal Police of France, U.K., United States , Canada and Mexico, then you will understand the CHINA's policy is "the right policy" because there are 1.4 billion people and it is so difficult to control if things run out of hands !!!




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The Israel secret spy agency and federal police had the best weapon to kill-cell

The Israel is best in assassination, human intelligence and murder.

Their best weapons are colossal which includes using computer chips inside your cellphones and remotely connect to the bomb hidden underbeanth your car. When you pick up your cellphone and dial a number, your car will explode immediately and you will be disintegrated into black ashes !

Does CHINA send agents across the world to assassinate Taiwanese opposition groups in North America? The answer is definitely NO, NO, NO !!

So be careful what you wish for and try to understand what democracy means in the West makes no sense at all if they can do surveillance on you 24 hours a day !!!!

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To Nyziya, This Forum is not "bullshit" but dominated by mostly North American c

Dear CHINADAILY readers and Nyziya,

   This is an excellent Forum to express your personal view, free for all in a certain boundary.

  Unfortunately, most of the westerners are dominated by North American and British and occasionally some Aussies.

But this does not represent  so-called "the West" which includes France and Germany and other countries such as Sweden and Denmark, etc.

  Are you aware there were 250,000 French citizens protest against the French Government last weekend against change of the labour law and restructuring of workplace.

Your criticism of CHINA only represents your "myopia" and unable to see what's going on in other countries.

France as well as many so-called mixed democratic-socialist countries in Europe practice so-called "welfare capitalism".

"Welfare capitalism" is best illustrated by the government policy of France by using the Keyenian economic model in which the Government intervenes in every single aspect of the citizen by massive infusion of cash to create jobs. French Government provides 1/4 of all the jobs for her citizen. It means one of of four French citizen works directly or indirectly as "public servants" or indirectly for the French Government owned corporation or her subsidaries.

French enforces the most generous work-rule--35 hours a week and limited overtime allowed for the workers and very generous welfare and social security system for her citizen. By all means, Sweden also has their own version of "welfare capitalism" and provides social assistance for her citizen from cradles to death.

This results in staggering economy, high unemployment-10%--twice the rate of unemployment of United Kingdom (U.K.) and reduce economic output.

Why did CHINA overtakes the "mighty" Germany in economic output last December, 2004 and CHINA becomes the third largest economy in the world  (just followed by United States and Japan in less than 26 years of free-market economy).

  The "positive" attributes of the Chinese economy don't mean that CHINA has no problems. Critics point out that crime are rising, drugs are especially omnipresent in the South in GZ especially SZ. economic resources such as oil and minerals are declining, high numbers of death in coal mines, the environment is deteriorating due to rapid economic growth, the distribution of income is skewed toward the rich, regional disparities persist with the Coastal area and major cities becomes more prosperous than the inner rural areas in CHINA.

But don't be too critical about the policies of CHINA, there is so-called "opportunity cost"---the cost of economic progress in giving up many other benefits of cleaner environment, congestion of traffic in Beijing and many other social upheavels.

But look at France, France has no capital punishment (death sentence),
tight urban planning of Paris and tight control and regulation of all industries for the sake of the "welfare" of her citizen. This results in decline in economic growth, high unemployment, businesses failed to infuse large sum of money for investment, high taxation and the traffic in Paris is no better than Beijing. (France did bulit the tallest bridge for the rich French citizen to go southeast of France for vacations !!  LOL !!)

Sure there is a lot of freedom in France if you have a lot of money !! ^_^

So I hope you have lived in America, Canada and France and  other European countries and compared with CHINA and understand there is no such thing as "utopia"--the perfect society and state.



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numerous sex eveyly day

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with red head (oral only)
with chicana (anal)
with italian girl (doggy style)
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with english girl (mission 10000 humps)
with american girl (38" dildo and cocaine)
with french girl (vibrator)
spanish girl (tamale dildo)

see you soon!

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Selrahc ng zi ya

Ngziya is not naive nor myopia. He/she may be old and sophiciated as Confusius and wearing glasses for long-sight or maybe a naughty boy complaining about freedom of speech .
Ng zi ya(don't know) wo zi(I know) he's a modulator tuning keys from F to Ci

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I don't agree at all

Why can't two people with high sex drives get married to each other?

I met a fantastic Chinese girl.  We were having sex 2/3 times a day.  It died off though.  I'm not with her now.  But I wanted her and only her.  I still do.
I don't wanna be screwing around.  It's scary sometimes.  I'm scared of these girls that approach me in the disco.  I'm scared of Chinese condoms.  I'm scared of myself because I'm weak and I can't say no (when I'm single) and don't know what I might pick up or where they've been.
Anyway... Some guys get bored of banging the same girl all the time and vica versa.  It's not necessarily to do with a high sex drive.  Why do so many Chinese guys go for a 'haircut/massage' ?  High sex drive?  But they're strictly once a day max so it can't be that.  Or so all the girls say.

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