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love & sex--people have high drive don't need/suit to marriage [Copy link] 中文

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This is an excellent topic and I have hope more people come forward to contribut

Many contributors come forward to give excellent personal information.

People have high sex drive does not mean they are not suit for marriage.

In CHINA, "sex addiction' is not classified as a "psychiatric illness" but actually having a high sex drive have both advantages and disadvantages.

It really depends on how you transform the "high sex drive" into real life personal experience. If you choose to get married but your partner can not satisfy you due to your high sex drive, then going to prostitutes, getting a second girlfriend/wife (wives), etc will destruct your personal and professional life.

On the other hand, when you are in your 20's it is normal to have a high turbo sex drive. Many men settle down after marriage due to responsibility of family, job and socio/family/cultural pressure but occasionally will go for extra-marital affairs.

This specially apply to businessmen who travel a lot and spent a lot of time outside the family and create opportunity for extra-marital affairs.

Most men admitted after married for 5-10 years, they have sex once a week or less with their wives on weekends due to family pressure and children around.

To your surprise, many men still have high sex drive in their 40's and 50's but in most cases go out on weekends or during business trips to enjoy the sex with someone else.

Over 50% of men who have high sex drive settle down in mid-30 to 40's but the remaining still enjoy sex until 90 years old.

There is nothing wrong having sex at 90 years old.

In many European countries where prostitution is legal, women offer sex once a "month" to nursing home men for a fee and is regarded as therapeutic to the men. So I believe having a high sex drive depends how you manifest yourself wisely !!

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sex and marriage

I heard of a theory that goes like this:

Put a coin in a jar every time you have sex during your first year of marriage.

Starting with the second year of marriage until death or divorce, remove a coin from the jar every time you have sex.  

In theory, you will never empty the jar.

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High sex drive

I've gotta' agree, 5 times a week doesn't seem very "high" to me.  And I CERTAINLY hope that I'd be able to find a partner who enjoyed having sex at least that often!  

And I don't think that "faithfulness" is necessarily linked to sex drive.  There are guys with low sex drive who are incapable of being faithful, while there are guys with high sex drive who are nevertheless able to restrain themselves.

WANTING sex (having a high sex drive) does not necessarily mean an uncontrollable NEED for sex; guys who say they can't control themselves are making excuses.  They CAN control it...but make a choice not to, relying on the "but I'm a man" excuse to justify it.

There are numerous factors that control whether a man will be faithful.  Self-control is one...can he control himself, not only in regards to sex, but in other areas of his life?  Or the 'thrill-seeker'...the man who is addicted to "new experiences", and therefore is always looking for new sexual partners, tiring of old ones quickly?  Or the egomaniac, the kinda' guy who NEEDS to have the feeling that many women want him, in order to make himself feel good?  Then there are the guys who are simply afraid of commitment.

I think that a guy with high sex drive is quite capable of having a successful and faithful long as he finds a suitable partner.

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To be Faithful?

Some people say that men tend to have more sexial partners because male animals are like that in nature..
    I don't think so. Sex in modern society is a very complicated problem concerning many social and natural aspects.

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Reply: love & sex--people have high drive don't need/suit to marriage

i don't think so ,marriage is a very different status against foremarriage.marriage can give people the truth love and the real crazy of sexual activities.marriage is fairy period,i think,though i'm single,evenly have never got a girlfriend.

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re:To be Faithful?--yes complicated

I can assume there are more female prostitues than male. And there're more married men buy sex than single men.
If one accept his/her spouse to have sex outside marriage , then he/she can accept that love and sex can be separated.

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"If one accept his/her spouse to have sex outside marriage , then he/she can accept that love and sex can be separated."

To me, if someone accepts that, he/she needs to go see a psychiatrist.  I've never met a person in my whole life that could accept that.  And I live in the US, which I would like to think is more liberal than China.  o.O

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