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More nonsense from white-devil

white-devil wrote: "There is absolutely such a thing a race. Hardly a month goes bys when a major scientific or medical journal does not report on the difference between the races."

As already discussed in another thread, the term "race" is not used among scientists - I urge you to quote from those journals you read, and be sure to include the publication date. (See for the thread)

I quote myself:

The definition of a sub-species [race] is as follows: given two populations X and Y in a species W, if the genetic differences *between* the two populations X and Y are greater than the genetic differences *within* any of the two populations X and Y, X and Y are two different sub-species of the species W.

Applied to female breasts: you will find more variety in breast size within the group of oriental females and black females than between the two groups. Therefore, breast size is not an indicator of a "race".

I must conclude that you have never been to China, because here in Shanghai there are plenty of ladies with too large a bosom (I prefer boobs that are soft, in proportion to the rest of the body and with longevity).

And you don't need to retort by saying that the *average* size is smaller for oriental women. It might be, I really don't know. But I do know that in my European home country, a man was considered tall a few hundred years ago if he was taller than 150 cm. Today the average height for men is 181 cm. Yet it is the same "race"! You can also witness how the "short Japanese" have grown in size since the end of WWII (this also goes for Japanese women's boob size).

So, you still need to do your home work, noting what diet oriental women have (clue: it is not the milky, fatty, meaty diet of the West).

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can't speak for the chinese, but "C" size cups

are, in my personal opinion, fairly well endowed, even by american standard.  Of course, I don't have a large sample size to base my opinions on.  I'm just trying to think back to the good old college days.  I would say "B" size is probably the most common/typical.  Of course, one of my girlfriend's friends had double D....waaaaaaaaaah!  O.O
But then again, we had a saying in Alpha Chi "all you need is two hands full...and a mouth full... the rest is waste".  Oh god, ok, I better stop sipping this Irish Cream.  <grin>

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Reply: no such thing as a race

Just the same old tired egalitarian mythology.

You can continue to play your word games.  

That fact is, in near future, when people go to the doctor for a medical treatment, the doctor will prescribe treatments based on race.  

Are you going to claim that race does not exist.  

And if you think that race does not exist, I suggest you go to the bars in Shanghai.  The Chinese woman there seem to have no problem whatsoever identifying race.  Even a drunk Chinese woman in a dark night club seems to be able to find a White man with ease.

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If the words 'race' or 'racist' are removed from dictionary, will you still afford to live?

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Reply: suspended. Bra stores =P

Victoria Secrets or Fredericks of Hollywood.  But I don't know if China has it.  Go online or order a catalog.  I don't even know where you are from.

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Reply: if

If the words 'race' or 'racist' are removed from dictionary, will you still afford to live?

If these words were removed there will just be another word to substitute it.

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The breast sizes are different and like u said, black women seems to have the largest or bigger breast. Sometimes i think breast matters cos u can arouse a man with a breast. And women with small breast seems not feed their children well. Why do people think u re racist? I think what u said about the races doesn't make u one unless if it is another post of urs. But i think, breast can be upgraded if u meet a nice man who knows how to handle them.

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