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breast size [Copy link] 中文

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Breast what?? who??


I agree with this to a point.

-- >A "race" is a social convention--an excuse for treating some persons worse than others.

We as humans always need to categorize everything.  The term "race" is not a bad negative thing.  But sadly, a few of us have used "race" as a convienent  way to suppress  others.  In it's modest form "racial jokes" and in it's extreme form "holocust".  

But, as evolved as we would like to think ourselves.   This kind of behavior shows we are a bunch of immature brats.  Their is no shame to be categorized white, black, asian, hispanic.   But shame on you if you start all your sentences "All whites ...." or "all blacks ...." or "all Asians ...."  

Are all the post here about generalizations ???

If you haven't been with a Chinese girl with 36DD breast.  Than I have one answer for you.  "You haven't been with a Chinese girl with 36DD breast".  She exist.  You haven't met her.  But I have =) .  All natural no silicon here baby.    Maybe in the year of the rabbit you will have to fortune to meet her.  =P

"anywhooo - live goes on"

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breast cancer...

man and woman both should take care of that.

breast  is what for a man

breast breeding is loosing its priority for  babys

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Reply: Breast what?? who??

Next time you're with one of those grapefruit-laden women.. would you mind asking where they buy their bras?


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I have a similar 'Qipao' like in the picture.

'Qipao', the traditional Chinese women's dress, best shows the Chinese women's beauty.
I have a similar 'Qipao' like in the picture,I wore it only a few times. Once I wore it to a dancing party, it's most suitable for waltz.
But why can't I upload the picture?

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Reply: I have a similar 'Qipao' like in the picture.

Keep trying .. I'd love to see that picture... especially if you're wearinga  Du Duo underneath.

Funny, I just did a google on Average breast size China..
the original post shows up in rank two.
Way too funny.


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Bra Sizes (This post not for the male viewer)

Ok... I'm doing a survey, and yes i'm a pervert.  I've been trying to determine the average bra and cup size in China.  Maybe you can help lol.  You'll need a tailor's measuring tape for this one.

1. Wear a comfortable bra and measure the rib cage just below the breast. If the number is 33 or less, add 5 inches to that number and that is your bra size. Over 33 inches add 3 inches to get you bra size. Both ways, rounding odd numbers up to even.

2. Then take measure the bust around the fullest part.  When you subtract the last number (fullest part) by the among of your bra size, you'll come up with a number used to determine cup size by using the chart below (the A,B,C, etc. cup chart)  For example if your bra size was 36 and your cup measurement was 38, the difference is 2" so you would wear a 36B.

Use this chart:

AA = 1/2"
A = 1"
B = 2"
C = 3"
D = 4"
DD or E = 5"
F = 6"
G = 7"


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no such thing as a race

White Devil, it is a well-known debaters' trick to claim that anything you disagree with is a "semantical game" or a "word game."  I already said that humanity lacks adequate variation to form separate varieties.  A "breed" of dog refers to a "variety."

There is no such biological term as "race."  The only reason to claim that small superficial differences form different "races" is to rationalize anti-social behavior.

"Many people here have called me a 'racist'. . . ."  Take the hint.  We sure take the hint from your chosen nickname.  You are a racist.

P.S.:  Now I see White Devil's Holocaust-denial thread.  He is a racist.

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