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I have to agree with Carrie.  Although breast enhancement is quite popular amongst actresses, your average North American isn't going to spend the money to do it.  Carrie's right, the average body size is larger in North America than in Asia.  There ARE bra sizes in China that don't exist in USA and Canada.  I was shopping for a dress for my wife, to take back to Canada as a gift.  It took a bit of searching, but I did find one that was her size.  My wife is by no means fat.  I wanted to buy some matching undergarments too.  I went to the counter, stated my wife's bra and cup size... the friendly clerk took out the comparison chart .. and only covererd her mouth to hide her laughter.  My wife's size was just above the 36C North American average.. she is 36D.  
To Carrie:  The American saying goes..anything more than a handful is a waste.  Have you ever seen the size of Chinse mens' hands?
Good thing I have BIG hands.

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Reply: uhmm what...?

Oh man.
Ladies, this one's for you to answer.

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it is all matched up...

small hands, small breasts, small cock...
big hands, big breasts, big cock...

oh, is it going to be a year of Cock soon

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it is all matched up

big breasts, wide waist, elephant legs, big hands, big feet, more close to nature, that's good. (P.S. Man has evolved from ape and is evolving.)
I agree that Russian girls are very pretty, Other western girls can not beat them, but Carrie515 should be an exception according to her self-recommendation, but the problem is that you can not see her.

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Racism is the assertion that there is such a thing as a "race."  I never heard anyone speak of a "race" of fish or a "race" of cats.  There is no biological division called "race."  All human beings are of the same species and subspecies.  There is insufficient variation to classify humans by variety.  A "race" is a social convention--an excuse for treating some persons worse than others.

Persons of East Asian ancestry who are raised on a typical American diet are just as large as those of European or African ancestry.  Gen Y     girls are frequently over six feet tall and proportionately buxom--white, black, or yellow.

Please be respectful and avoid filthy language.

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You are playing silly semantically word games.  

Ok you don’t talk about a “race” of dogs or cats but you do talk about breeds.  

So if you want to talk about breeds of humans in stead of then that is fine.

But I wonder if you have the same type of semantically confusion when talking about a flock of cows, a herd of fish, or a school of birds.  

There is absolutely such a thing a race.  Hardly a month goes bys when a major scientific or medical journal does not report on the difference between the races.  As the Human Genome Project move forward, the rate of race differentiator will significantly be discovered.  

Soon almost all medical treatments will have race based components.

Soon science will again lead us out of the darkness and ignorance by once and for all showing the race does exist.  

I’m really getting tired of the anti-Darwinian Egalitarian creationist trying to force everybody to believe that God created all human being equal.

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are you blind?

I have lived in mainland China for more than 3 years, and I can say without  a doubt there is a huge, HUGE number or Chinese women with big breasts.

My previous girlfriend was quite large, I see women/girls on the street every day with large bouncing bags. When I think back to the west, I don't really recall there being such a number of stupendous racks out there. This is a fallacy I think about Asia. And as for the girl's comment on not being able to find bras to fit here in China, that's just bad marketing/stock/management. I would go around with my girlfriend window shopping for lingerie, and believe me, there are enough large bras out there off the rack to cover cup sizes up to C and numbers up to 38.

My neck is beginning to hurt from turning my head when I walk down the street, there are so many grapefruits being carried home in blouses...I need to visit a massuese soon

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