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Interracial Marriages don't work [Copy link] 中文

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Your post is blind with hatred and racism!

Your post is extremely racist, displaying your personal insecurity--and likely your ability to attract a woman of any race.

I am a white American male, very muscular and good looking. I have a wonderful Chinese fiancee, who I will marry in January. She is highly educated in science, very strong and athletic, and more emotionally strong and in control of herself than you are!

It is those qualities that I love her for, and she loves me, because I am so strongly supportive of continuing personal development.

She visited me and stayed with me for the whole month of July. She paid her way here and insisited on sharing expenses, while she was here. She insisted on paying for dinners at nice restaurants and for our travel in this country.

My cooking is excellent, so when we ate at my home, I cooked for her.

She completely impressed me with all aspects of her intelligence, sweetness, strength, and many talents.

In the modern world, educated men and women share work and expenses. My wife to be and I will work together, equally, to prosper in love and life.

Americans are critical of the old ways, the old thinking of Chinese men, that women are to be submissive and brainless, that a marriage is husband and house slave. And it is the highly educated American male that can see beyond race, stereotypes, and such other kinds of weak thinking. This knowledge does not come to me as from the western media or hearsay: it comes directly from talking directly to women, in China, of all ages. Some are university students, and some are established in various careers and professions.

On one hand, people like you complain that ALL westerners stereotype Chinese, yet you are completely guilty of such behavior. In fact, you sound exactly like the uneducated person of America's old deep south, where there was racial hatred. White men used your same hateful, faulty reasoning to discourage white people from marrying those of African descent.

And, I might add that your attitude does not show respect for the intelligence of Chinese women and that they are intelligent enough to judge their own matters of the heart and decide for themselves. Your attitude is precisely the reason that many Chinese women chose to marry a western man, such as I, who respects and enjoys their intelligence!

It would benefit you to openly discuss your irrational emotions and thoughts with others who are wiser and more open minded in these matters, so they can assist you in correcting your errors of thought.

Racism and blind nationalism is immoral.

My wife to be is most certainly not a toy, nor does she want my money, as I am not wealthy and greedy. There is much more to life than money, and we share those many things--including our love for learning and our tolerance of people of all races, nationalities, and cultures.

Respect is something to be earned by one's own character. If you want respect, you must give it. And you must not blame others for your lack of such character.

A man can be wrapped in money, but hollow inside.

One last thing: marriages within the same race are no more lasting and happy than interracial marriages. In fact, interracial marriages are often stronger.

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*You have to be pretty shallow to love a person based on race alone.*

This could also apply to the other side of the debate too.  If love were rational, we'd have figured it out a long time ago.  :)

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the part is not the whole

There is  a small part of Asianor mainland women who have this ideas,they can't stand for the women in Asian or mainland.

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...the tall, handsome, athletic, intellectual, blue-eyed, blond haired American fellow who is my colleague is marrying a lovely Chinese girl during the coming Spring Festival.  The guy is well-educated, well-traveled, has a gentle demeanor,  and I think most American ladies would find him attractive and interesting.  

Of course, there are certain "loser" foreigners who come here for the Chinese women (you'll find them posting adds in this forum before they even get here -- even offering money).

But on the other hand, about 80% of the foreign teachers who come to China are young, single people, recently graduated from college.  They're at the age to get married, and they often date Chinese people because that's who's living around them -- that's who they know!  

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One sided mind...

What about the other side of the story...Chinese marrying other peoples' sons and daughters? I believe inter racial marriages are healthy when properly executed....and thats what will save this world....One people!!!

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fears and insecurities

Thank You ! You publically revealed yourself by describing westen men the way you did.  Your projections are a direct statement about those parts of  you you clearly do not wish to aknowledge. (low self esteem,treats women as toys , look awful in public, fearful of loss, etc)
Most humbly  I would suggest a new name, how about  " LITTLE MUDDY

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