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Seeing is beleaving, and the idea that china will force other nations to their way off thinking, no way.
A lot off countries will fight till the death for their born rights, and it will be a war that china can win.
Even when you have a lot off people in china, butt they will just be gun meat, doing no harm to others, maybe they will even deffect before they even shoot one bullit.
Think before you say something and don't give stuppid ideas to capture or other things wich they can't get or win from.
and last butt not least it's never good to talk about war or that your county will wage war to get bigger and to enforce thair thinking to other countrys.
Napoleon, romans, german, greek, turkey, or other old generals or dictators tried butt lost the war.
Even the 80 years war in europe formed by the spanish king, was a lost case and cost him and other nations a lot off money and lives.
At the end he had to give up, and go back to spain.
Also one thing i don't think that the chinese gouverment will be so stuppid to even think about it, they will lose a lot when they do.

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crystal ball gazing-----------------mine is a little foggy

Suppose this little real time communication device we are using expands exponentionally and becomes voice, indwelling, and uses non hardwired connectedness,---Does nationalism become extinct? Personally I hope so. Being a "winner" or the leader  is already obsolete. Comparisons fade beside wisdom. Male competition , like sibling rivalry, is still extant but such things have little use when everyone has enough to go around. New ideas and constructs which help us will win. Does China offer ways to help the world or are  economic issues its potential downfall just like here in America. Strut your stuff China, your old ideas may have been more important. Whats new besides oats, gold and stuff. Iliked AIDS cure

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chairman has been deleted
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Nice post tiffin...

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China will lead nothing

Why are you looking for revenge ? I see hate and frustration in your comment. China will lead nothing because China is copying western countries. Your consumption society come from western countries. Business language will always be english because nobody wants to spend 10 years learning how to write chinese properly.  You should better use your brain in order to solve problems in own country. Like, for instance, how to cope with growing populations in your cities and how to recycle billions tons of garbages that will produce your consumption society in the near futur.
Think first   

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freeman said:

"A third Way? may not know, Chinese are just balancing masters... in the fields of dealing with foreign powers (diplomacy), dealing with boss and subordinate relationship, dealing with the distribution of wealth (east with west, south with northeast, well-off with the poor), socialism and capitalism (which this governmnet is experimenting, and so far very successful), many and many.

You may not know why, because we all are the children of the Great Master: Confucian...

Now, think about it. We could balance everything........"

karenb said:

"Confucius as a guide...

...for balancing.... very interesting

"He who by reanimating the Old can gain knowledge of the New is fit to be a teacher." (Analects, Ch. 2, 11)

Dear Freeman,
Can you explain this concept further? How can Confucius' principals serve as a guide for shaping the future China -- especially balancing the excesses of both communism and capitalism?"

REPLY to "karenb":

Probably "freeman" didn't intend to link Confucius' principles directly with "balancing the excesses of both communism and capitalism." But attempted to link the Sage with the State. And that is where his greatness was. Confucius is synonymous with ethical and social teachings - a man of high moral standing, who served the State as an administrator. He indeed encouraged ancestor worship as an expression of filial piety, which he considered the loftiest of virtues. Piety to Confucius was the foundation of the family as well as the State. The family is the nucleus of the State and the "five relations" between king and subject, father and son, man and wife, older and younger brother, friend and friend, are determined by the virtues of love of fellow men, righteousness, and respect.

Confucius' Doctrine of the State, with its emphasis of ethics and social responsibility, rooted in ancient Chinese tradition and developed and continued by his disciples, has been standard in China and the Far East. The funny thing about all this is that even in other early civilizations philosophers and other great thinkers all based their theories on morality and the State and religion. The welfare of family and the State was paramount in their minds. But Confucius had the most unique gift for he  was the only one who visualized "ancestor worship" and "filial piety" - the loftiest of all virtues. Without these ethical standards the State could breakdown and collapse.

"anti-devil" puts it well - "WE ALL ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE GREAT MASTER - CONFUCIUS" ! Your question was a good one - perceptive, alright!

- arthur gamey-12122010

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Oh my god~

Powerful Pumpers....

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pigjump said:

"Oh my god~

Powerful Pumpers....

2003-12-12 21:12"

REPLY: Thank you!  At least we do know that it is USELESS to pay the piper  and call the tune - YANKEE DOODLE WENT TO TOWN A RIDING ON A PONY..." !!!


arthur gamey-12122230

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