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All of you are wrong!

With nuclear proliferation and growing terrorism, throughout the world, the time is quickly nearing that the nuclear missles will fly and the bombs drop.

I can begin in the middle east with the corrupt Israelis and The Iranians, then the nuclear war fever will spread to war between India and Pakistan. North Korea will use their nuclear weapons to attack South Korea, and Japan will unleash massive biological attacks on China with the secret arsenal they have been developing, and that brings up another important factor:

The modern biological weapons are precisely as dangerous as a world nuclear war. What if genetically engineered biological organisms are released for which there is no antidote to stop it? Such a thing could spread throughout the world like a wildfire, completely destroying all human life.

Should such things happen, who cannot say that the humanity did not deserve such a fate?

For its long history, China is no more civilized than any other nation in the world. Acutally, humans will never be civilized, until war becomes unthinkable and ceases to exist.

As long as China has its leaders and the U.S. has theirs, the people of both countries will be the pawns to keep the leaders in power. The create an atmosphere of conflict and hatred to maintain their personal power, wealth, and special privileges? Such is the corrupting forces of the elite classes.

The leaders never lead into war: they send the "lower-classes" rather to risk their own lives and the lives of their children.

Open your eyes and ears to the fact that the world's leaders--the power brokers--all lie to the people to maintain their control and elite status.

So-called "communism" can move so far to the left, while so-called "democracy" moves so far to the right that they collide against each other, that they are really exactly the same. None of this improves the lives and dignity of the masses.

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Yes...get out the hippie beads and the tree hugger uniform.

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And yet another side of the bent coin....

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china will occupy the first in the world by the end of this century

china  will be so strong by the end of this century,which economy and politics will get the top ranking the world,we can predict the status after a century,china  is a great country which own most population and so wide field,the most important china will keep quick developing,view these years after forming and opening,china is happening to change and make great achievement,which will have a great beginning,we can see china will continue taking advantage of foreign  capital developing and stronger,even america and european will prevent our reforming and developing but which will not change forward direction,of course we would like to go first which will full of adventure and challenge including some changing factor,international environment is still very complexed,america and some western country will give a barrier for our exporting which will prevent our further exporting and opening but we will try our best to overcome it for our good future,now,taiwan will be bring back to our mainland which will not change even if america continue helping taiwan ,now the chance will be grasped tightly ,the prospect will be very bright for my further cooperation and developing let me see will  succeed by the end of this century,let us looking forward the good day,

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One problem

Everyone has good points, but AIDS will takes it's toll even harded on China in the future, thus dislodging all points beforehand.

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Add 50 years to your calculation

> but the love of China driven by the focus of concentrated genius with hard work
> and leading government such as the CCP

Well going by that yardstick, you need to add 50 years to whatever time
you have in mind.  Probably doesn't look so impressive after that addition.

But I'd like to know exactly what you have in mind after China becomes the
world's number one power.  I mean would you expect gifts from other countries
and require their emissaries to kowtow on two knees like the old days?

And speaking as a citizen of the country that can be considered the current
world superpower, let me just say that it's actually quite boring.

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