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I BELIEVE that before the year 2015 China will reunify with Taiwan; by 2020 China will be the world's another super economic power. By 2050 or so, the United States will realise that it is fast losing its status to China as the world's greatest military power; the U.S. will do anything to stop China from assuming that No.1 status. Japan will be re-armed and U.S. will try to cultivate India to fight China but it will not succeed. India will shift closer to China for greater economic and military co-operation.

The U.S. will never be able to stop China from progressing, economically and politically on the world stage, and exerting its influence worldwide because France, Germany, Russia and several other European countries will slowly fortify their political and economic relations with Beijing and form a new power block with China.   

Mandarin will play a very important role in trade, commerce and politics and more and more people around the world will find the language useful and important. Mandarin will surface as the world's second language - next only to English. And by the end of this century, Mandarin will displace English and will ultimately be the international language!

By the end of this century,  African countries will look for strong ties with China.  China will compete with America in the space race and ultimately inviting co-operation with American and Russian scientists.

- arksi-12031455

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You think that India, Japan, Russia, and the EU will side with China over America?  In your dreams.

China's population will be less than India's in 20 years; China's surrounded by democracies which out-number, out-gun, and are richer than China.

China will change for the better.  

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The next 50 years are going to be very interesting.

On the face of it China has every chance of becoming THE world power. Provided you look only at the rich coastal fringe, that would be a reasonable conclusion.

The apparent economic powerhouse is being fuelled by foreign investment rather than any inherent sustainable energy. Those in the rich areas are getting very rich but they are starting to forget their roots -- the one billion, sometimes desperately poor, peasants that make up the original backbone of the country. For 50 years they have toiled on the understanding that all Chinese would get rich together, so they have suffered in silence.

Now they see the rich getting richer, and the corrupt getting more corrupt -- while they get poorer.

How long do you think this will last?

I hope China does overcome these huge obstacles to economic and social stability because if it fails it could drag the rest of the world down with it.

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The original poster wrote a perfectly good and reasonable article about where he thinks China will be in so many years from now.
I have read a few other post's from this writer and they are perfectly good and reasonable.
Others who are all non-Chinese rush as alway's to give the negative opinion's and the never far away insults and slights in a manner of spite to the Chinese.
We note that two are western foreign devils and one is an eastern foreign devil. Eastern foreign devils are not a very often seen species.
Still, the negative speak is there as it forever will be.
China, as the original poster has indicated will advance to the world leadership position as the (single) Ultra Power before the Century is over.
The only area that I do not agree with the writer is the time.

I feel it will not be 50 years, but much faster and much sooner.
Some of the devils will live to see China as the worlds only:
(ULTRA POWER)...far greater than a super power.
The problem with the CRITICS which are few and the attackers and the insulters who are many, the problem with them is this:

They are devils and they are educated as devils and they speak and write like devils speak and write.
What I mean by this, is that, the devil has the devils way to think and the Chinese have the Chinese way to think.
The Chinese way to think is very different and this is why the devils never get it until it is far too late and the game is over.
The devil thinking is as always evil and involves, such items as starvation of fuel and control of fuel and surround and control of China and most of all the Jewel in the Crown of the devils, the working day in and day out to keep the China territory from being complete.

The foreign devils be they western or eastern, (western by far the worst)
the problem with the way devils think is that they think in a very insular and destructive way as they are educated in their old dated systems.
The Chinese on the other hand have a very modern and up to date way of thinking mixed with their older cultural method of thinking, which makes the Chinese the winner for all season's.
I do not agree with the story that the IQ of the Chinese is greater than that of the devil, it is a deeper logic that prevails, what is Chinese, one needs to be Chinese to know and understand what is Chinese.

For any person who knows and understands the Chinese would never write what the devils write, quite simple. China will advance much faster than the original post writer indicates. This is the only point that I do not agree with this poster in his many post's, the only single point.

China will advance faster for a huge number of reason's but to list all the reason's would educate the devils to Chinese standard and that I will not do, because to educate a devil too much creates a clear and hidden danger to future Chinese.

But I will say this, the western educated foreign devil just does not understand this new world and the economy in relation to the old world.
For the devils are quite backward in their way to think, for their intelligence lacks culture and wisdom, this is why they calculate everything based on death and killing and destruction instead of life and building and construction.

This is why the foreigners are called devils, because they are devils.

China moves very quickly and the Chinese are very intelligent and due to the large population have many genius's compared to the west and all located in the one place chasing the one great cause. The devils are of course all split into small devil states, such as the USA and England and Germany and the smaller lesser devil states such as Japan and France and then the tiny little insignificant mini devils such as Australia and Canada for example. The mini devils can not even think to wash them selves without the larger devil states to advise them.

The love of China can not be explained to devils who hate China and also hate the Chinese, people who hate can have nothing explained to them, but the love of China driven by the focus of concentrated genius with hard work and leading government such as the CCP all combined together and driven by the *GREED* of the western devils themselves,
means that China moves faster than the education of the devil is able to calculate and therefore that is why I do not agree with the time indicated and stated by the writer.

The lust and greed and crazed thinking of the devils will drive China faster and faster than the prediction's, bringing China to the first target in say 2010 and the main target in 2020-2025, as the worlds largest and most potent  ULTRA POWER.

China will be the world's 'SINGLE' most mighty country in the world and will be so grand and magnificent, complete and evolving into what she will be and must be:  

The Worlds first and only 'ULTRA POWER.'

Devils beware, China comes and China comes faster by the day.


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Anti-devil you sound very ethnocentric to me.

Some of your points sound reasonable to me but then you go on about this "devil" stuff and you lose credibility.

You mention the word greed a lot. Yes, western countries are greedy (Capitalism encourages greed = remember the line from the movie Wall Street "Greed is good.").

Do you think that the CCP is NOT greedy, also?  For a communist government to adopt the principals of capitalism is not only greedy but also hypocritical in my opinion.  What happened to all the idealistic socialist talk of the 1950's and 1960's about the evil of capitalism.  Seems like the CCP has made a deal with the devil to me.

Anyway, I don't have a problem with Capitalism - I think it is great that the CCP has realized the errors of their old ways.  But if the nation has capitalism and the CCP are capitalists themselves then why not allow non-CCP members to run for government positions.  I think the answer is power.  You have a small group of people who are in control and do not wish to lose that control.  It would be like if George Bush decided one day that only Republicans should run the US government and that Democrats were outlawed - the horror!

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Anti-devil you sound very ethnocentric to me.

To most Westerners, China may have the trappings of a capitalist society which is why they misconstrue her to be a capitalist country. However, China which is a socialist country is not capitalist at all, an example of which is the predominant role of the state enterprises which control most of the national economy.

What is developing in China is a fusion between capitalism and socialism that will inevitably lead to equilibrium resulting in a system that is neither one of the two systems - a third way which balances the excesses of both. Therefore the one country two systems model can be described as a socio-economic experiment (and also political) for the benefit of China's sustainable development into the envisioned Xiaokang society.

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