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The reality of Japan -- Even comic bows to Japan's nationalists [Copy link] 中文

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The fact is that YOU DON"T KNOW THE BASIC FACT !

"Fact #1 Japan attacked China. China did not attack Japan. China was the victim, Japan was the agressor."

How badly attacked? Tell me from when to when? To what extent, and what kind of weapons they used? What kind of experiement they did during the war. Tell me. How much and to what extent.

"Fact #2 Japan killed a lot of Chinese civilians."

No, not just civilians. Tell me how many were killed. And how they kill them. Not just general terms.

"Fact #3 The Rape of Nanjing happened."

Not just so simple. Tell me the details how they did the Rape of Nanking. To what kind of people they killed and for how long. How many were "killed"? What's the Japanese soldiers mental state??

"Fact #4 Japan also attacked the rest of the region and killed lots of people there."

How many they attacked and killed in the rest of region. How many  are "lots"?? How they treated the east Asian people?

"Fact #5 Japan treated POWs very badly. Civilians were not treated well either."

What do you mean "really" badly?? I need to know the details. How they treated civilians and even infants.

Tell me. I am posting here because I know Japanese aggression is not just another war. It's the worst inhumane war in human history, worse than what Hitler did to Jews.

Tell me your knowledge about what Japanese did to Chinese and east Asian peoplein WW II.

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You need to understand why there is an "anger"

I didn't treat you this way in our debates before. I gave you plenty of room even if I knew your knowledge about China is limited.

But this time you assumed you know about the Japanese war history. Yet, you clearly showed you don't really know.

Everyone wants peace and wants to get rid of the history burden. You thought we Chinese people don't want to put it behind??? You thought we just have fun here to talk about it?

The simple fact is that until today, more than 60 years later Japanese still deny what they did to Chinese people and Aisan people in WW II. Otherwise why they change the history books? Why they worship war criminal shrine?? They even refuse to compensate the victims they tortured in WW II. Do you know how many Asain women were taken away  as "comfort women" to especially serve the Japanese animals as sex slaves during the war?? How many of them were raped to death? or killed themselves?

At this point I am not prepared to delete anything. You do your home work. Only after that we can restart.

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"But this time you assumed you know about the Japanese war history. Yet, you clearly showed you don't really know."

? Ok. Where did I say something wrong about the war history? Show me.

"Everyone wants peace and wants to get rid of the history burden."

But this is my point. You've never said why you post these things. If so few Japanese come here, what can you do other than make other Chinese people feel worse? If you want to do that, then that's up to you. But I have the right to caution you about doing it too often.

"The simple fact is that until today, more than 60 years later Japanese still deny what they did to Chinese people and Aisan people in WW II."

Some Japanese do. Others don't. If you know lots of Japanese people, then you know that they don't all think that way.

"Otherwise why they change the history books?"

YES, I've said that I know they do. It's wrong. But some Japanese REFUSE TO USE THEM. Some schools don't use the government textbooks.

It's been all over the Japanese newspapers, because the government is trying their best to get them to use them.

"Why they worship war criminal shrine??"

It isn't a "war criminal shrine". It is there to commemorate war dead since the 1860s. It was built a long time before WWII. Now there ARE "Class A war criminals" enshrined there. But that does not make it what you called it.

Some people go to the shrine to remember the war dead, including their relatives. Others go there because they are nationalists and feel that those war criminals were found guilty by a show jury - i.e. they think they're innocent.

"They even refuse to compensate the victims they tortured in WW II."

That isn't 100% true. Some people have been given money. Some people haven't. That is a fact. It's sad that some victims haven't got anything. I should know because there were British POWs who went to the Japanese courts but got nothing.

"Do you know how many Asain women were......"

Tens of thousands, AFAIK. I don't have an exact figure, as there isn't one.

"How many of them were raped to death? or killed themselves?"

A lot. Again, no one has an exact figure.

"You do your home work."

This is my whole point. What have I said about WWII that is wrong in these posts? I've have only talked about modern Japan, which is what you were talking about at the start. I didn't mention Japanese war crimes, until you decided I was covering them up.

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I can tell you this:

The war picture I showed above is the most “civil” one among the many  pictures in Japanese war crime archive. For those bad ones I couldn’t even look at them. Let me say it again, I couldn't look at them !!!

That’s why Iris Chang was tortured so badly in order to write the book “The Rape of Nanking”, in order to let the world know what truly happened, what Japanese really did to Chinese people in WW II.

If you don’t believe me, just open those historical pictures yourself. I could certainly tell you where to find them.

Also, Japanese used tens of thousands of Chinese people, old and young for HUMAN EXPERIMENTS;

Japanese used bio-weapons and chemical weapons to kill Chinese in China;

Japanese's bio-weapon data bought their war criminal's lives such that they largely escaped the WW II war criminal court punishment.

The number they killed is not just tens of thousands, that number is too small.

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mencius, Do you homework first, then talk....

I will be back after you finish your homework.

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Shanhuang, I agree with you

We do not bring the issue up just to start the fight, we want justice.

I can agree on some points raised by Mencius, that not all Japanese agreed with their government. But they are minorities. Our discussion here is also one way to support them.

For ordinary people, it could be difficult for them to openly apologize for their mistakes. They will be afraid of being lost face and looked down by others. This can explain the attitude of normal Japanese people’s behavior.

A Japanese friend told me his story, when he was a kid, he asked his father what had he been doing during the war. His father cried, and said his only hope is to bring up his children peacefully. He did not want to recall the past, and will keep the experience only to himself.

Japanese right wingers are taking advantage of this.

Looking back in history, the Imperial Government was the representative of big capitalist. The invasion of Korea and China, and consequently South East Asia are actually for the interest of Japanese capitalist. These capitalist escaped responsibility, were not disbanded after the War, and are now controlling the Japanese Government. Hence the attitude taken by Japanese Government is by no means surprising. The denial of war crime, whitewash, and shielding out of the truth to Japanese youth are also for the interest of Japanese Capitalist.

Right wingers will not feel guilty, otherwise they are not right wingers. In their theory, Japan was not lost because they were evil, but only the enemy had atomic bomb. They laid down their arm just by order of the Emperor, not because they were defeated. They come up with hundreds of excuses, just to fool the youngsters, Japanese or non Japanese.

In Miyazaki, there is a huge monument built in Meiji Era, the four Kanji characters means ‘conquer the world’. This remains a dream to Japanese right wingers.

Our job here is not bringing up hatred, but to join with other people, including our Japanese friends, to stop their dream.

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I agree with Mencius

After having looked at all the posts, I agree with Mencius. I think the other two people of this post (Shanhuang and another person whose name I forgot) misses the point. Mencius does not deny Japan's crimes; you can check his posts yourself. He also wasn't criticizing SAhanhuang's article in itself; rather he was criticizing the amount of hatred emanating from Shanhuang.

Shanhuang, you seem to be intelligent with a very good command of English (Though I honestly have questions on your level of English comprehension). However, in most of your comments you reek of hatred. If a person agrees with you, all is well, but if a person don't you attack  him or her like a rabid dog. That is wrong and immature. No excuse for that kind of behavior.

What Japan did was very wrong and for some Japanese to deny the past wrongdoings is just amazing. To be upset over their denail is understandable. But Japan's past actions and present denial (by some, not all Japanese) does not mean that your hatred of them is right.

You can learn from me, an African American. In the past, I was upset about slavery and race discrimination. For a short time I even had some hatred towards whites. Fortunately, I matured as a person and am much better off.

I'm warning you, Shanhuang, from experience, your hatred will lead you nowhere.


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