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The reality of Japan -- Even comic bows to Japan's nationalists [Copy link] 中文

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Who are YOU???

Shanhuang, WTF are you talking about? Are you going to come and pay me a visit or something?

All I know about YOU is that you have the capacity to make intelligent conversation. But you have an extremely set idea of what is right and wrong. When I have clarified my views, you say nice things. But if I don't agree with you, YOU then accuse me of apologising for Japanese war atrocities.

"Can you deny Japanese prime minister worship Japanese war dead shrine?"

No. FInd a post where I said he doesn't go to Yasukuni.

"Can you deny Japanese government changed their history books to deny their WW II criminal acts?"

No. Find a post where I have.

"Can you deny today’s Japan is changing its constitution and accelerating its military buildup?"

Yes and no. The constitution is being reformed but they are not increasing spending. They are actually proposing to cut numbers of tanks and other heavy equipment because they no longer plan to fight a Cold War era conflict.

'The smaller defence budget is in line with a medium-term defence programme that calls for spending cuts and set a maximum number for ground troops of 155,000 including 7,000 reservists -- down from the current 160,000.

The medium-term programme, issued by the government along with the revised defence policy, says defence spending would be cut in the five years to March 2010 by 3.7 Percent to 24.24 Trillion yen.'

I'm sorry but you're just plain wrong. Japan isn't building up its military again. What it IS buying is anti-missile systems to protect against a possible North Korean missile attack.

"I have never seen your sincere care about justice either on my Iris Chang thread or this one. "

What? I was talking about her book. I didn't say anything about WWII. What do you mean justice? Are you taking about WWII or Iris Chang?

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Shame on you mencius, you are covering Japanese WAR CRIMES

and Japanese denial of their war criminal history. I will expose you...

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And you are jumping to conclusions

"Just because a few Japanese shown in that picture so you think there are just a few Japanese with militant mind set? A large number of their congressmen are of militant mindset."

No, I did not say that . I said that the picture only PROVED 3 people felt that way. I NEVER said other Japanese people don't feel that way. You can't use the picture to say OTHERS feel that way.

"Why are you so afraid of talking about Japanese denial of war crimes?"

I'm not. I'm just tired of seeing nothing but "Japan is evil", "Japan is militaristic", "Japan is nasty" "Japan is not sorry" on these boards. Why do YOU have to talk about it so much? What are you trying to do? How many Japanese do you think read these boards? You're just making the situation worse.

I'm not saying you hate Japanese. But you're just giving more and more opportunity to people like checkpoint and chairman to post random crap.

I want to know THIS about you. How many Japanese people do YOU know. And how many of them refuse to feel sorry for WWII?

Now, what I want you to do, is read my latest posts, and stop being so judgemental.

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Talking about Japanes WAR CRIMES is attacking Japan???

Your credibility is really low, the Telegraph in this case is accurate, close to what most historians agreed. I criticized BBC in my last debate with you and showed you my solid proof, why you couldn’t say a word about it then ???

I am afraid you either doesn’t know the truth or you are lying here to cover up Japanese war crimes. Teenagers can’t see comic books with content of Japanese war aggression? It’s only a comic. Don’t find excuses. You are making you sounds more like a Japanese despite you call yourself something else.

Who said in this comic there is definitely a rape scene? You are twisting again here. Even if there is one, it’s a comic book, let alone you have never read it. If you haven’t seen the comic, you better shut up instead pretending you are commenting. How do you know “Just less graphic”? you are lying again. The article said clearly the deleting and editing was due to Japanese NATIONALISM. All you are doing is to cover up your Japanese war crimes. So you call an article talking about truth ATTACKING ? I can see who you are now.

Don’t come here to put  your own generalized statement about western media into my mouth. Those are your own words not mind. And it’s NOT a good excuse for you to cover up Japanese WAR CRIMEs and  Japanese denial. You are ridiculous. “How do I know that they haven't exaggerated or got their facts wrong in this case?” I do, and I know in fact it was WORSE. Because I read Irish Chang’s book and you haven’t, you refused to read it. And because I am a Chinese, I and an east Asian, you are not unless you are a Japanese here.


You are baselesly keeping calling an UK newspaper attacking Japan. Why they hate Japan and attack Japan? Didn’t you claim you are from UK? Or you just lied to us? And this is NOT a single newspaper, there are a lot. Why would they do it? They hate Japanese? The fact is that you try to cover up Japnese WAR CRIME is getting clearer and clearer. And again you called China’s banning of a racist Nike ad as censoring. Shame on you.

And you keep calling exposing Japanese war criminal history “anti-Japan”. So you must call exposing Hitler’s crime “anti-Germany”, do you???

The fact is Japanese government is covering up their WAR CRIMES. Maybe you should go and ask Jews to tolerate Nazi symbols. I would like to see you get chopped into pieces.

And shame on you again to compare Chinese soldiers with Japanese war criminals. Chinese PLA are NOT Japanese militants, period, no rape, no slaughtering, no war crimes. You are proving yourself just a pro-Japan fascist, pro-Japanese war crime.

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Good question and I want you to tell the history

"I want to know THIS about you. How many Japanese people do YOU know. And how many of them refuse to feel sorry for WWII?" --- mencius

I can tell you this --- I know more Japanese than you do unless you are a Japanese. I can also tell you this: every young Japanese I know doesn't know exactly what Japanese war criminals did in China, to Chinese and east Asian people. They mostly talk about the two atomic bombs.

Wht you said is truly CRAP. 3 person in that picture so I can't prove there are more people? What I said just proved the fact that most Japanese have no knowledge or remorse of what Japanese war criminals did in WW II.

How do you explain Japanese prime minister worship Japanese War dead shrine??? Mytalking about it is another "attacking" of Japan in your CRAP?

How do you explain Japanese government distort its WW II aggression history? Talking about such fact is "attacking" Japan again???

Can Germany do these??? Will the Jews keep silent??? Shame on you!!

Now if you claim you know Japanese and Japanese war criminal history. You tell me what they did in China during WW II.

Tell me the real history.

Tell me !

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Look, timeout, ok?

Right. Let's just stop a second.

"Who said in this comic there is definitely a rape scene?"

I thought that the article did. "The magazine ran an apology yesterday for illustrations showing Japanese soldiers bayoneting helpless captives, assaulting women"

Note "assaulting women". In the UK, that usually rape.

"Even if there is one, it’s a comic book"

What?????? You think it's ok for kids to look at rape scenes?

"You are baselesly keeping calling an UK newspaper attacking Japan."

No, I said the article missed some detail. I DO NOT DISPUTE THE BASIC FACTS.

Right, now let's clarify what I think about WWII.

Fact #1 Japan attacked China. China did not attack Japan. China was the victim, Japan was the agressor.

Fact #2 Japan killed a lot of Chinese civilians.

Fact #3 The Rape of Nanjing happened.

Fact #4 Japan also attacked the rest of the region and killed lots of people there.

Fact #5 Japan treated POWs very badly. Civilians were not treated well either.

I do not think that Japan fought a good war. It fought a war so that was bad enough. Lots of people died.

Just stop and think. Have I ever said that Nanjing never happened, or that Japanese war crimes did not happen?

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This discussion got out of hand

Look, let's just stop getting angry. I have an idea. You keep your first posts. I will delete my first reply and you delete your first reply to me.

Then when we can see that the other is doing that, we can delete all of the subsequent posts. I will then discuss the article in a different way. I will not make you think that I am protecting anyone, ok?

Is that a good idea? Can we restart the conversation?

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