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Well why does this happen to me again? [Copy link] 中文

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got a problem

first of all you are getting played by a chinese girl, that just shouldnt happen, nothin against chinese girls, but yea..... have a good one bro

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watch ur back

Man, you better watch your back. That girl has slept with all those guys but just trying to play on your intelligent. She might be dangerous.

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haven't you heard that song?

"The Female of the Species" by Space.  It was hugely popular when I was still in college.... 1998 was it?

Don't know if those of you in China have heard it.  I liked it, and reflects a little of how western men view western women -- they are generally not considered to be innocent, but as equals, or even often as ones that are more than a match for us.  :)

Play the games, if you dare.  If you are lucky, they might play fair.  If you are strong, you might survive.  But if you are foolish, then your ass will be theirs  :)  

Here is a piece of the lyric that I remember:

"The female of the species is more deadly than the male.  
She wants to conquer the world completely;
But first she'll conquer me discreetly.
The female of the species is more deadly than the male..."

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Black widow spider

The females often kill and eat the male after mating; however, some males do escape under circumstances where the female is already well-fed

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How do I keep a level head?

She slept with me, not because I asked her but because she took me to her apartment at 11pm and asked me to sleep biside her. That was the fourth time I had ever met her. I wud love to beleive that I am irresistable but I know that just cant be true of someone who is considered goodlooking and intelligent but has been rejected by a lot of girls who he had tried to start a relation SLOWLY, letting them know him.
Now, if it was just a night that was ok. She is apparently fond of me. She buys vegetables and comes to cook for me. She keeps awake just to wait for me to sleep beside her even when it's 4 in the morning and I am working on my assignment on the computer. She is just so sweet and warm. But whenever she is not around I feel suspicious partly because my last girlfriend was cheating on me all the time and she intilled this uneasy suspicion in me so deeply.
We had planned to go to travel together for the holidays but we had to abort it because we cudn't manage to buy train tickets. She hasn't gone back home either because she wants to be with me.
Ok the one thing that is killing me is I didn't know that she'd been a very old friend (more than 2 years) of a black guy here who is a good freind of mine too. Now provided the stretch of time and the fact that he's still asking her to come to parties and to visit him, makes me kinda uneasy. I ask myself, "If he's not slept with her in the past two years would he still be chasing her?"
Should I just go and ask him about their relation? How can I sleep with someone who's slept with a firend of mine?

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Well I asked him

Someone told me that one night a black guy or two took her to a disco and after getting her drunk took her to a hotel and what not. So, I asked her to tell me what was the truth, she was very upset and cried. It's been 3 days now and we have had no communication. I asked the black frined of mine and he said he had also heard of something similar but couldn't be sure of the rumours. I want to ask you guys out there,"Do Chinese girls go to bed with anyone they know so easily or is it only with a foreigner because of some sense of overwhelm?"

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Rextyranousar, Excellent case studies on Friendship, Love & Relationship on Chin

I am saving all your cases and ask for CHINA DAILY and you for permission for publication. I am just kidding. LOL !!

Another excellent good "story" line. But a little bite too long...........................

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