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Hey slowstart

You are a laughing stock by the commie government and you don't know.  I won't touch you with a ten foot bamboo stick.  You are such a ......

Learn brother, for next twenty yes 20!!! years before you post.

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Reply to Dude freaking stupid...

faststart:  eat dirt!

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don't understand wht u said, may be u are speaking the queen's english?
all u did just discourage people, u laready became a public enemy, is that u want ? if its, i like to have more fun with u heheheheh

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lighten up

The truth of the matter is that:

Men are simple creatures.   We are relatively easy to please.  And it's usually not hard to figure out what we want.  And we tend to be more independent on average due to cultural reasons.  We tend to want plenty of personal space and time.  In fact, doing too much tend to turn us off.  I dated a japanese girl in college, and she did just about everything for me, cooked, cleaned, even got me seconds during dinner.   Ironically, all that pampering that felt so nice at the beginning ended up becoming uncomfortable and I knew she wasn't for me.

Girls, universally like to feel secure.  I would also hazard to say that their love is a little more cerebral.  They might look for fun at start, but in the end, they generally seek security and stability.  For some, that desire for security is expressed by their attraction towards men who are more mature and wealthy.  They too needs their own space and time, but it tend to fluctuate alot and quickly.  Most like to feel they are loved, so there is a lot we have to do to satisfy women, such as public display of affection, spending "quality time", not call all the time but when you do call be prepared to talk for a while.  They like men who are dependable and smart, but not arrogant to diminish their self-respect.  

Here is one big reason why so many asian men don't end up dating western girls:  lack of confidence, or care too much their "face".  So they don't dare to ask.  Well, most girls aren't going to do the asking, so there goes their chance.  Asian guys needs to change their mentality a little.  What's the worst she can say?  "no"?  So what?  I got shot down plenty of times.  Never bothered me, and it doesn't change my selfworth.  Every now and then, one would smile and say "yeah, I'm free this saturday".  There you go.  When going out, don't panic and trip over yourself.  Stay calm and sincere.  Be a good listener, let her talk all she wants.  Don't try to guess what she wants to hear, because you can't figure them out.  Instead give your opinions politely and explain your reasoning.  Don't try to impress her too much, she wants to see what you are all about, being pretentious won't fool her for long.  Any if she likes who you are, you'll get another date.

I personally don't like movies much for the first date, since I like to get to know the girl more.  But there are many ways to date a girl.  Do what's most comfortable for you.  The most important thing is to have the self confidence through it all.  The only judge of you is yourself.  Life is full of trial and error.  Live and learn.  Good luck.  ^_^

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What's the worst she can say? "no"? So what? I got shot down plenty of times. Never bothered me, and it doesn't change my selfworth.

True. Self worth comes from the values you impose upon yourself, not those imposed by others.

I have so often seen men afraid to lose face.....

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