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Hi people, I don't like the racialist atmosphere here! [Copy link] 中文

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No. I'm not with larcher

I'm very sorry for my poor English, but generally speaking I'm not with larcher. To make it short: We are not living on a pure land, there is hanger, war....Why people start a war? because they want something they don't have. Why some forumites keep attacking China, for example? because they don't like what is happening here in China. When A and B must fight, no one from each side can stand in the middle. Even a poet, an artist who chases pure beauty has to take a standpoint to define who he is otherwise his works are lifeless. larcher, you want something in between, right? that reveals you are lost or cannot see better (sorry if I'm too frank). I would say larcher's words are some soft songs which can be sometimes sung by school girls on their way home.

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I hate racism

I'm a Turkish person and I hate racism.. Because we live in world and we must be friend..

So you know.. Turkey is Asian and European country. And I like all people..  

So write me please or add your msn


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cant threads like this be put to bed

These kind of threads serve no other motive nor purpose, other than to stir things up all over again.

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we are the world    we are the childern.We can make the difference if we want

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HK shortstick is a Proud Brit

HK already belongs to China.  Yanks booted the Brits out back in 1760.  Just be proud mate.  You are running out of spaces.

  You are a Brit and not a racist?  So, the Pope is not a Catholic then mate?  Keess my arse!

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Yanks booted the Brits out back in 1760

Funny how in court in Massachusets they always state that 'The Commonwealth declares or tries!!!'

They may have booted US out as you say, but I am still proud of my country and you cannot change the fact, no matter what you type......

Go suck, you nasty racist person

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Another obese Yank pontificates

Hey, Air-Farce Vet, how many of your boys are getting wasted in EYE-Raq? 1,300 and risin' by the day.

And when you really get in the shit, you call in our lads from the Black Watch Regiment to bail you out.

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