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Hi people, I don't like the racialist atmosphere here! [Copy link] 中文

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You are right. The forums have some pretty appalling flame wars because a minority.

Just ignore the daft posts and let them sink to the bottom. If they stay at the top, then make your comment and leave it at that.

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Larcher, I've made some minor changes too. You've made some very valid comments,

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this was in one of my posts..

"it seems that there are a lot of westerners who have very low opinion about we chinese in question to them is: if that's the case, why are you even here in china, and why are you even here on this forum, just to ridicule us??

i guess the majority of us welcome whoever comes from a different long as they are friendly people. Confucious said "you pen zi yuan fang lai, bu yi le hu" Yes maybe some people appear to be a little over zealous, but you guys have got to understand that this is in us and this is in our culture: showing the best to, and sharing the best with our guests. I know our culuture is different to yours, which in our view is way too cold and impersonal.. but it wouldn't be right for us to accuse you on that ground either? some of them i guess feel so much superior to us just because we are different, which is funny. i think this world would be a much better place if we could all tolerate, accept and maybe even welcome diversity.

of course there are sick people out there, but that's not the reason to stereotype us."

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Hey Larcher: Its racism and NOT racialist

You in England?  And, didn't notice any difference?  Don't know how to spell racism?  You've got to be kidding!

  And what the heck is your point?  shorter penises, body odor, not enough white women in China so you went to England and still couldn't score.  So you blamed the black guys for having larger penises?  Who is the racist here?

  But I admit that, ignorance could be bliss sometimes.

  Let's sing together:  "we are the world, we are the children, let's get along, let's kiss every one..."

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I quite appreciate your post, larcher. What I feel is that sometimes the foreign language is used to be a weapon to non-native speakers. And I wonder whether it's neccessary or not we mignt tolerate or accept the difference between western and eastern values, but hope that contributors here can avoid inflammatory or swear words!

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Reply to bychance: cool

What's your point?  Please think for at least five minutes before you post next time.

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Proud Brit

airforcevet is the epitome of the ugly American: bigoted, intolerant and ignorant.

"Racialist" or "racialism" is acceptable BRITISH English, and whilst the term "racist" is now more common in the UK, the former is still acceptable.

And, no, I am not Chinese.

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