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Chinese boys are great! [Copy link] 中文

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? qu

For how long have you been a couple? Will you mind telling his age or approx.?

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airforcevet, are you sure you are not freak?

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Bettyboop is Chinese, not a foreigner.

Why do I know this?


I teach Chinese people all day long and know simple tiny grammatical and punctuation mistakes that Chinese learners of English make.

And he/she made 13 of them.

Bettyboop, you are Chinese.

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Wow, kojangee

You're quite impressive!

You solved THAT mystery right away!



...she COULD be a non-native English speaker.  She only says she's a foreigner; she doesn't say that she's from an English-speaking country.  That COULD also account for grammatical mistakes.

...and personally, having been a Teaching Assistant for my professor during university, I can PERSONALLY attest to having read papers by CANADIAN STUDENTS -- native speakers all -- that were grammatically far WORSE than this post was.

But, fortunately, we have kojangee here to pronounce judgement, so that we don't have to consider any of those possibilities.  Far easier for SOME of the foreign guys here to think that this is a Chinese imposter, than to think that a foreign woman could enjoy having a Chinese bf.

And for the record -- having lived in China for over 11 years now, I've known a number of foreign women who dated Chinese guys.  I know four foriegn women who MARRIED Chinese is now divorced, three are still living together very happily.

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...better go back and check my grammar and punctuation, or kojangee is gonna' call me an impostor, too...

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The 'imposter' returns

Hello to the jury,

I am here to plead my innocence of the crime of "IMPOSTER".

Yes, sadly, I must agree to Airforce Vet's accusations- I am a freak.

Not only am I an Australian born and bred female, I also enjoy dating a Chinese man.

Yes, Kojangee, I probably did make grammatical mistakes, since it seems Australian schools are not so intense about grammar as China seems to be.

Waiguoren, I am 21 years old, as is my boyfriend. We have been dating for a month now.

By the way, Airforce Vet, last time I checked I do not weigh 326 pounds. But if I do meet the 48 year old woman who does weigh said amount and is dating all the 18 year old Chinese boys, I'll give her your number!

Can't let those Chinese boys have all the fun!

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Hey tellme

Reply:  airforcevet, are you sure you are not freak?

  I am sure that I am not a commie stoogie like you.  How come I couldn't even follow your link.  You must have your small commie head up in that commie dude's (CD) ass!

  If you think you are contributing with a stupid one liner, think again.  Comon' you can do it.

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