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who can help my best friend? [Copy link] 中文

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Happy New Year to all of you

tomorrow will be 2005, a new year is coming, let the past gone and welcome the new year and new life together
god will always bless the nice people in this world
She is wondering maybe sometimes she is too nice to people around and even to people hurting her badly, she is still nice, but that's the way she treat people and I believe God will bless her all the best.

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I like Intermezzo's Live until enlighten& yr friend always Nice to people

even to those treating her bad.
Just to let you know, that's how Bodhisattvas behaves in this human world!!!

Just great going on to being Happy&blissful!!!

Kind regards

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Happy New year to All of U

Hi It has been a few days no hearing from her. She is going to have the wedding and her husband promised again to come back to her because he told her that he found out that she is more important. She decided to give their love another chance even though she is still not sure about that. She doesn't understand that why when she decided to give up their love and give the man freedom and he came back. Maybe it is what he husband new GF said' I don't want him any more coz I have got a boyfriend and lived together, so have your hubby back. I tried my charm and I am satisfied that my charm works'
She knows maybe she shouldn't give him another chance, but love just can't be turned off straight away.
I can do nothing except giving my best wishes and prayed fr her.
I believe a nice girl like her should deserve true love. Maybe not now, but one day in the future.

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so your friend is

simply stupid, isn't she? The guy runs away with another girl and now wants to come back and she opens the doors.

She is a very good candidate to two certain things............

1) Suffering from another heart break and worst
2) Domestic violence

Some women just don't learn! What a pitty

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That's woman

What  U said is probably  right, but that's woman. She knows she is wrong, but she just won't stop it until being hurt time and time again. I hope that won't happen to my friend.
Wish her all the bast.
It has been so nice to talk to all of u here.

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there is a book I would recommend

Yes, her behavior might seems illogical.  But there is logic behind it.

I have a book that was my favorit during my teenage years, and helped me to understand myself better.

"Man's search for meaning" by Vicktor Frankl.  It's not just for men of course, but human being in general.  It's now a major school of psychology.

Basically, it describe how humans seek meanings in life through suffering.  This school of thought believes that human beings are basically "meaning" driven.   By the looks of it, the way your friend deals with the situation is through passive endurance, to endure more pain and suffering.  Perhaps the reason why she choose more suffering is because that she is hoping that by suffering the "right way", she can find some meaning for this part of her life.  

This book might help her to understand herself better.  Best of luck.

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Instead of having the ceremony..

She should call up some her friends, find out where the bastard lives and beat the crap out him. Then find his new fiancee and...

Oh sorry that is what the violent side of me would suggest, but I feel the best thing to do in this situation is throw a PARTY with some of your close friends. I mean go out on the weekend, find a club and dance, dance, dance, dance. Drink until you throw up. Just stay out all night and not think about him. Whatever you do,let this fella know you are going to be all right.

Let him know that he has lost the chance to be with a spectacular person. He doesn't deserve you. More importantly, if things do not work out between him and the new girl, don't let him come crawling back to you. Be strong and tell him to piss off.

If that does not work then there is always option b. Go to McDonald's, KFC, or wherever and eat anything you want. Then find the nearest bowling alley and play a few games.

Hope your friend will recover soon.

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