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how do you view Chinese man as sexy man

There are so many  Miss Beauti  Contest.

  would you mind to tell something, competitor of Mr cool.

  Sorry i m not sexy at all wearing glasses, hehe, do you think strong guy are sexy, and slim girl are sexy

In fact. Indian man is Okay,

Mexican or spanish or  brazilian man good in shape

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to describe males....

-i'll have to go with three words to describe a male in a positive way--in three different languages.......   (1) 'virile':  meaning masculine in english.  (2) 'macho':  meaning masculine in spanish.  &  (3) 'mensch':  meaning showing integrity & honor in yiddish.          ..-& i'm just.... 'marty'.

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sexy better used for women, or gorgous(sorry, idont know how to spell, coz i learn this word from the conversation with my friend)

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More adjectives

Pretty for a girl, handsome to a boy.

Attractive for both!

All of these convey the right message, that someone is good looking but you're not trying to jump them.

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and more...

Cool and cute are used very often.
Pretty, gorgeous, sweety, lovely for girls.
Honey, sweetheart,  love, dear, for both too.

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If referring to a man...

...I would usually call him "hot" or "buff" -- not usually sexy.  

I think normally it's  a man that says "you're looking sexy tonight" to a woman, not a woman to a man, perhaps because she's wearing something alluring.

"snakey waist"??????  Well, that's a new one!  Maybe better to say slender waist, hourglass figure, svelte, trim, nubile, flexible.....

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Hmmm ... if a female was to call me sexy (I am a male, BTW), it would imply that she is feeling frisky and indicates a clear invitation for her openness to a romantic interlude with the underpinning of possible sexual play. In more respected circles, a woman using such a term would be considered quite lude in Western society; after all to have sex with a woman is the basic male animalistic drive. Such a word would short-circuit the female wiliness, something women probably should not allow, as they would loose their unique power of mystical enticement. It would be better to tell a man he looks handsome, dashing, suave (not ubersuave [gag and choke] -- what a cad!) or debonair. If karenb was to call me 'hot' or 'buff', for instance, I might consider it as her expressing a possible sexual interest, but not necessarily an invitation for such a pursuit to an eventual sexual encounter -- an alluring compliment, nonetheless, and something that may have such an intent. A woman should be cautious in saying such a thing or making such a display of herself to a man -- as we guys are usually always hungry and willing for sexual fun (especially without the consequences and responsibility of some complexed relationship).

For a guy to say such a thing to a female, indicates his acknowledgment that the girl appears to be worthy of sexual play, though it may not indicate that this is the guy's intention, but it is a compliment to her for making an alluring appearance for such possibility with someone and tells her that this is the image that comes across. She may then consider whether or not this is the appearance she intends. A cautionary note, if a woman deliberately appears to be sexy, it is an open invitation for men to assume she is feeling frisky and consequently, she appears willing to attract lascivious attention from men.

It is more appropriate in polite Western circles to tell a lady that she is attractive, cute, pretty or beautiful; unless she appears to deliberately make herself look sexy. In such a case, even in polite circles, it may be a slight reprimand to her, to tell her she is sexy: she is looking to attract that kind of trouble; something that is out-of-place in such circles of friends and acquaintances. That is, she is willing to display her friskiness and forego her beguiling nature -- a cheap way to appeal to man's basic animalistic nature, instead of engaging the guy in a more respectful manner. Gentlemen would likely consider her shallow, as she seems to deliberately forego the dance of an engaging relationship, by displaying her willingness to pose as nothing more than a sexual object. To call her sexy, may indeed be a warning to her: she is coming off as cheap and easy, with not much else to offer for a relationship with a man.

Women seem to want attention, but wearing skimpy clothes, etc., indicates the kind of attention she is seeking is as a sexual object. So, ladies, don't get mad at us if you waltz around in a bikini and we make cat calls back to you -- DOH!

In Western society, any reference to a person as a snake, is usually considered to be a jibe, as snake references are often associated with a vileness of character.

And, there's my eighty-eight cents worth! Now, ain't you sorry you asked?

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