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Is there anybody who can explain what love is ? [Copy link] 中文

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envy you

your saying is so good ,and i think you must be a experienced one in "love" life ,may i have your age something?

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love is nothing but love, exzctly!

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"Love is a warm puppy ..."

Antiproperty is the only one to give an honest definition of love:

the advanced evolutionary response of the human cerebral cortex to the natural reproductive instincts.

The rest is purely chemicals.

You others seem to love quoting from Hallmark Valentine's Day cards.

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Examples of LOVE(though the word has a broad meaning)

1) Infactuation( when boy meets girls) or teacher with schoolgirls,etc
2) Puppy love ( for young girls&boys,usually first time)
3)Affairs ( single with married man)
4) Love at first sight( cld be true but maybe the eyes looks attractive, or the face,or the voice)
5) Physical attractions (nothing more but for sxx)
6) Flirts( usually girls giving the signals to come on)
7) Amorous ( similar but the man going ga-ga)
8) Internet love ( dreams or so-call illusions in the air)
9) True love ( everyone dreaming but not easy for say 50% of the people)
10) Gay( man to man or woman to woman)
11) Multiple lover( one who has high sxx appetite)
12) Romeo & Juliet ...
13) Strange but happens Older women with teenager
14) etc......

So what is your preference???

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hmm, some of you guys must be biologists

Just kidding.  Tthere was a time when I thought that love is nothing but the passing of electrical signals within neuronal pools, propagated by the release of neurotransmitters into the synaptic gaps.  It can be comforting to fall back on this line of thought occasionally, especially after a bitter breakup.

Of course, this argument works well if you are an atheist, and believe that humans are nothing more just another kind of animal.  But if you are religious man like me, then you find that it leaves that little thing called "soul" nowhere to go.  :)

I don't believe any of us can really explain the human psyche with its infinite variations.  Or if you believe in souls, then you wouldn't even bother to try to divine its nature.

OP, I don't think you can find answers through other people.  It's different for everyone, and even for the same person it's often different each time, and not to mention that it changes over time.  You'll just have to experience it for yourself.  But don't go out begging for it.  I see too many people who are desperate, trying too hard to stretch reality to fit their dreams.  The irony is, the more desperate you are at trying to grab onto love, the more easily it will slip through your fingers.

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