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My implicit love letter [Copy link] 中文

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(a) are you sending the letter to a western girl?  It sounded like you are writing to a chinese girl.  If that's the case, I would suggest that you write it in chinese.  Your english, while probably better than most chinese, is still... lacking.  No offense.  Please write it in chinese to express your feelings.  I think you deem this letter to be important, such important things should not be left to a language that you are not perfectly comfortable with.

(b) you are being too logical.  You are trying to win her love, not dropping super accurate laser guided bombs on her defenses.  In my experience, most girls will not be swayed by infallible logic, but the sincerity of your heart and your actions.  So instead of making the A -> B -> C logical deduction, "talk" to her instead of trying to "tell" her how to think.  She is your equal; give her room to think for herself.

(c) talk about one subject at a time.  This is a complicated matter, one that both of your should think about thoroughly.  So instead of trying to solve everything in one letter, and end up getting too complicated to resolve, send a shorter letter discussing only one thing (for example, her discomfort about your lack of a graduate degree) and mention that you can talk about the rest later.

(d) girls needs time.  Psychologically and physiologically, they have good reasons to be cautious.  Don't rush it.   Consider letting her think about your last conversation for 2-3 days before sending out your letter, she may contact you instead before the 3rd day is up.  Then once she gets the letter, give her 3 more days at least to think it over again, before calling her.

(e) ease her stress.  Nobody likes being stressed.  Being too pushy, or come out too desperate tends to turn girls off.  I found that the best way to convince a girl is to help her convince herself.  Maybe you should give her some room, and not to make your cases too strongly.  Instead, spend more time talking about things you have in common or enjoy.  Let the good times speak for you, help her associate you with happiness rather than heartache.

And a last thing.  You should also think objectively for yourself.  Getting too deep into a relationship can blind a man.  Take a moment out and evaluate where things stand.  Do both of you share the *fundamental* values?  Think about the importance she places on your education background, or her needs to be accepted by her girlfriends.  Why does she find those things so important?  It's true that love involves a lot of acceptance and tolerance, but to build a long-lasting relationship, the foundation must not be compromised.  Please don't think of the relationship as a race or battle to be won at all costs.  You have the obligation to think for the both of you.

Oh yeah, it's easier said than done.  Don't feel bad if you can't put your feelings on hold, romance is that way.  I often failed miserably at taking my own advice.  All we can do is to try our best right?.  Good luck.  I'll keep my fingers crossed.  \(^_^)/

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A long letter

Sometimes short but impressive letter works more efficient......just a suggestion!

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This love letter is not lovely.

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Simplicity speaks a thousand words


Try these 3 words in your letter :  I LOVE YOU
Seal it and send it over with her favorite flower or chocolate/candy/doll/whatever.

There is beauty in brevity.

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