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I am a lovely girl,but i am not beautiful !So love never happen to me .I think all boys like beautiful girls ,so i have no chance.
i like to chatt in the internet. So through QQ,i met a boy who has worked for one year.He is very so kind that i like to talk to him everything happen around me .He like to listen to me .I am sure the time taking to him is the happist time .But one day ,he talked to me that he wanted to see me .I refused for I am not beautiful .He said he liked the lovely girl .At last I sent a photo to him ...............................
Everything happened as I expected . I found he did't like to talk to me ,and i felt sad !
Why ?Why?Only beautiful girl can have love?
I cant understand!!!!!!!

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Let me suggest...

...that online is the wrong place to look for that kind of relationship.

The truth is, when you are chatting online with someone, and they don't see your picture, they will automatically create a picture in their head...a fantasy.  And that fantasy person probably is not similar to you at all.

When they meet the REAL person, they discover that the real person is not like the fantasy person.  They are disappointed, and give up.

You are right -- it is EASIER for beautiful women and very handsome men to attract others.  But that's not all.

In REAL life, if you meet a guy and talk with him, then his image of you is the REAL image.  And if he becomes more interested in you, falls in love with you, he is falling in love with the REAL you.

And keep in mind...while you have problems because you are not as beautiful as some women, I know many very beautiful women who are just as unhappy -- or even more unhappy -- than you.  Because for them, they say men chase them ONLY for their beauty, for their bodies, and don't really care about them or love them.

There is no situation that is perfect.  Every person has their problems.

Rather than focussing on the problems, focus on the solutions.

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i like the laughter that open the teeth and lips and shows at the same time the pearls and the soul.pls contact me by

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hi maggi, merry christmas and happy new year

hi dear friend, saw your writeup, and feel diferent, you dont hve boy friend, and i dont have girl friend....yes i want to be your friend. you can write me at  i am an indian man in guangzhou.
waiting to hear from you. and may be we will be together to celebrate our Christmas eve and New Year eve in Guangzhou.
with love and best wishes.

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thank you very much !
  i will learn from it !

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i have to agree with canadianguy

online is fine for just friendships, but terrible for anything more than that.

Make real friends, meet real boys.  Go from there.  If you don't have much success in the real world, chances are you are not going to have any more success online.  The reason is just like what canadianguy said.  You get a relatively inaccurate picture of the other person.  And much of that is created by your own mind.  

Since in the end, all online relationship has to move back into the real world (like when he wants to see you, ect), you'll run into the same problem you have in the real world.  All you succeeded after all that flirting online is:  you set yourself up for a painful fall in the end, rather than just a disappointment.

There is too much of a stake in a romatic relationship to be placed in some online chatroom.  Go take the real world head on.  Be strong.  You'll be ok.  ^_^

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Don't be dejected!

Don't be dejected! Maggie. Please believe god is fair to everybody and you possess what others don't have. You are bound to possess your love because of your intrinsic value!

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