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a xi'an bar posts a sign outside: "JAPANESE FORBID ENTERING" [Copy link] 中文

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Go protest the sign

You need to round up enough Japanese in Xian to make a protest. I'm sure a protest would draw the attention of the government and take down the private sign.
Can you find enough Japanese in Xian to do that? Have you tried yet?

Remember it took America decades to get rid of slavery.  Even when president Warshington went to the grave he still had black slaves. It wasn't until he dropped dead that he set his black slaves free.  Another USA president Jefferson slept with his black slave girl. Old man got her pregnant and she gave birth to a girl who is now in her 60's.

In America, racial discrimination is still rampant although on the books it's gone. Racial discrimination takes on subtle forms. Anyone who is dark skinned, be it Afro-Americans or Indian-Indian-Americans, they get screwed in every way possible by the whites, particularly the neocons . What do you do about that? Eh?

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So, as you said, there are anti-Chinese signs in Japan. Are they still up?

Are those signs put up by private individuals or by the Japanese government?

What about the "Yankees Go Home!" signs?  Are they racist also?

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Could the sign be fictitious and designed by the CIA?

Digital picture designed by the CIA scumbags who want to instigate strife between Chinese and Japanese peoples.  I don't doubt its possibility because of the notorious WMD lie by the CIA about Iraq.

With the CIA scumbags, any lie is possible.

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CIA scumbags do work and get paid, although they also have other "careers" to ma

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Yes, it must be CIA

No doubt.

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ha ha ha ha ha strange signs in Xian!

First, how did Mr. Tsupasat find such pictures in faraway America!

Second, any dumb idiot in a bar district in China would know that Japanese salaryman 2nd home is in a bar! Why would they not want the business. In Shanghai, whole streets are dedicated to the POOR marooned Japanese salaryman who drinks himself half blind over lack of an outlet for his dodgy, robotic existence.

In Manila, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, there are many districts having bars solely for the Japanese salaryman drowning out his sorrows - living in a foreign land where he does not understand.

So, the strange sign in Xian must be work of the CIA!

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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In summary

I feel:

1) Such slogans are racist and should be condemned, whichever race or nation they may be targeting, posted in whichever countries' whatever cornors.

2) Such slogans should never be put up in public, for whatever reasons or backgrounds are behind them.  If relevant governments don't take actions to ban such slogans, the government is implicitly tolerating and  encouraging such behavior. It is more of a political and diplomatic issue, rather than a "freedom of speech" issue.  Something much larger is at stake.

3) One bad behavior should not lead to any revenging behavior, otherwise, there will be no endings and the world will be in hell.  Any precedents of such bad behaviors in other countries are not excuses for today's similar behavior, otherwise there will be no improvement

4) Whether such slogans are CIA work or not is only a speculation till further proofs are provided.  I hope non of you are in speculation businesses, it is not a good moment.

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