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a xi'an bar posts a sign outside: "JAPANESE FORBID ENTERING" [Copy link] 中文

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a japanese rosa parks in china?

ha, ha.  mengzhi's comment is reasonable, though i disagree with it.  

what mengzhi said made me think of a silly situation where a japanese person enters the great grey wolf bar in shenzhen and refuses to leave.  they would be like rosa parks, the black lady in mississippi (?) who refused to give up her seat in the "white" section of a public bus.  her case became a rallying point for anti-segregation efforts.

could a japanese in china do the same at the great grey wolf bar?  conversely, could a chinese do such a thing in discriminatory restaurants or bars in japan?


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mengzhi & tsupasat

mengzhi, interesting point but I still disagree. The guy's a racist. Discrimination on the grounds of race/nationality is regarded as racism by most countries.  And the government's condoning racism, by saying that it's "ok" to discriminate against Japanese - they're letting the bar keep its license.

tsupasat, good idea! If I go back to Xi'an I'll find the bar and go there with a Japanese friend of mine. If someone challenges her I'll say :

"Sorry. She's British, actually."

And if they try to kick up a fuss, I'd tell them they could call a policeman if we'd done anything illegal.

It would be good if someone stood up to these bullies.

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To mencius

Somebody like expressing himself mercifully and patiently.
I think they would feel sth more intensively if they experienced the war or their certain buddys lost in the war, and they understand more even if they should just get to study culture and custom of the Japan.
Nobody becomes Christ, just study to prevent the horrible history from our lives

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A free society does not allow racism.

<<If a sign such as this barring Japanese from a bar is the bar owner's wish, then in a free society, he should be allowed to do it. >>

No, Mengzhi,  a free society does not allow such acts.

In Australia, a bar owner doing something like that would have people pro-testing outside (and not just the people who were banned), and (if it were a bar) would likely lose their liquor license (license to serve alcohol), and could face a fine for racial discrimination.

A free society allows freedom for all members of the society, not the freedom to withhold service to a part of that society which one may not like.



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State and private

Just a simple picture.

"Dogs and Chinese not allowed".
A banner on front of the bar. Private bar. Private initiative of private owner.

I a city A in Country Z.

I would not need more than a fraction of a second to see it's racist and wrong.
Tsupasat and Mencius - I'm sure they'd oppose it as much as I.

Would you then speculate about state/private sponsorships?


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The idiot in Shenzhen never had Japanese customers before anyway

Let's try to be more original, shall we?
I would like to see a sign (written in Japanese for a change) forbidding Japanese customers at a Xi'an sushi bar.

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That's understandable

If you have relatives and friends who were killed in WWII and in the notorious Nanjing massacre, and since Japan has yet to formally apologize for its war crimes and pay retributions, a sign like this at a local bar run by an individual is just his personal expression of anger at injustice and war crimes. The man is wanting to vent his anger and frustrations.

Unlike Warshington that sent all Japanese people, young and old, men and women, even US citizens of Japanese descent, to the boondocks in mid-America, into barren quasi-prisons called "internment camps", this personal expression of a private businessman is nothing in comparison.

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