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why do foreigners like bars and pubs? [Copy link] 中文

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"Why not go to other places, like tea houses? For two reasons...1) not many other foreigners there to meet, and 2) much more difficult to start conversation with someone you don't know."

I'll add another one...

It is much, much easier to talk to strangers when you've packed away a few beers.

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why do foreigners like bars and pubs?

Some foreigners like bars and pubs, some not.
Foreigners like bars and pubs since they enjoy the atmosphere there, it's a nice place to relax, to meet new people, to have conversation, to dicuss business issues. Not all foreingers like tea or fancy tea houses.

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It is just different culture!!! Beer to foreigners is like water/vitamins wherea

water&vitamin C. Remember long ago,chinese sailors don't hv scurvy(skin disease) for they hv dried tea leaves whereas foreigners brings apples/oranges but can't last for few months.

Foreigners likes to "hang out" in bars/pubs for eg: boring at home whereas chinese has tea drinking as an Art.(1000 yrs old) Of course drinking tea cannot be in a noisy environment but conducive place. Tea does n't  excite oneself internally whereas beers warms up many & gets sex-cited. So from Boring to......U know the answer........

So chinese religion teaches one to Stay away from intoxicants(eg:beers/liquors) as that can make one loose control. And foreigners wld like to use that as a "bait".

Do Remember ancient sayings for Business : In Rome,do what the Romans do.

Do you know Heineken or Carlberg is multi-Billons dollar buisness?

Kind regards

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I like cafes and bars and pubs as long as the music is not too loud

and you can talk with people, or just go there and read a book   with a cup of coffee.

Cafes are cheaper than a teahouse, because I spend RMB 6 on a cup of Yunnan coffee and it lasts me at least an hour. I spend RMB 40 on a pot of tea and I don't even know what I get.

There are nice cosy seats and sofas in the cafe. There are only  card tables with 4 chairs in a tea house.
Tea house only serves tea. And people go there to play cards. And the waitresses  keep  are either no where to be seen when you need them, or wait right in front of you when you struggle to read through the menu. And usually people go to tea house in a group of friends.

Whereas you can go to cafes and bars and pubs alone and expect to meet people who may become your friends when you are alone overseas.

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re:why do foreigners like bars and pubs?

It is a symbol of the relaxing living style in the western countries.In the bar,they could spend their leisure and relax their minds.And,now there are more and more Chinese people go into pubs with their friends and family.

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KTV sucks, stuck in a small room with a big TV and the music turned up so loud you can't talk.  Some lackeys opening your beer.

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no, most chinese like quiet enviroment.

but foreigners like some places little bit noisy , so i think that's a main reason

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