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What is your happiness: Does that mean Your brain wanna be happy [Copy link] 中文

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The ideology now dominating education is too often economic, Subjects are largely geared towards university or college matriculation, career success and earning potential, with an assumption that the only occupations worth doing require higher education. Not enough time is spent questioning these notions, or discussing happiness and how to pursue it.

"I'm not saying we should say to kids, 'This is what happiness is.' I'm not crazy about that kind of teaching. I'd much prefer to say, 'This is what people have thought about it.'" And telling students that they 'should' be happy because their circumstances would seem to support it only contributes to their unhappiness, she said.


Are You Sabotaging Yourself?

George Loewenstein then explains: ''Happiness is a signal that our brains use to motivate us to do certain things. And in the same way that our eye adapts to different levels of illumination, we're designed to kind of go back to the happiness set point. Our brains are not trying to be happy. Our brains are trying to regulate us.''?

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This is really interesting topic!

yelson, I wanna share my point.
To be happy is to let your brain say 'exciting'.
If your brain feel lasting exciting, well, it's true happiness.
Sometimes, you must do some unhappy things before you gain happiness.
For achieving your aim of life, you must bear something you don't like, just as the things you mentioned. Once you make it, you are win and you enjoy the happiness.

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What is your success: Does that mean You have lots of money,holding special soci

Brain storming----------Use your brain to be succesfull and happy

I think success comes in many forms dragonal {prolly misspelled yer name} I agree that what you blogged is YOUR definition for success, not mine tho.

i HAVE most of what your said but my success comes from waking up in the morning looking at my wife. seeing the black under her eyes seeing her hair stand straight in the air and the worse case of morning breath EVER. and think to myself what a lovely creature, how was I so blessed to have this woman in my life

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so on it is a formula for this stuff


I would have to say that to be a success, you must do a better job of raising your children then your parents did with you. Or at least do as good a job if your upbringing was better than most.
If they turn into good, kind, thinking persons, You are a success.


Very insightful. I would only add "spiritual comfort" to the definition.

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contravercial--more discussion

A successful person is one who is able to achieve a level of material and emotional comfort in which their needs and desires are easily met.  A successful person is someone who is happy in both their personal life and is able to acquire most material goods without consideration.

The more successful the person, the more the happier they are in their personal life and the more material desires they are able to fill without consideration.

I solely define success in spiritual and happiness terms. I've already got the money, and I'll never have to work for it, so to define success with some element of economics seems pointless to me. But if I can be a good person, and find that unity between God and humanity then I'd consider my spiritual life a success. If I can be happy at the same time then I'd consider myself successful full-stop.

how can success glue happiness

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Surely the brain need to be happy!!! Do you wanna talk the Happiness of Nirvana

or deep Meditation or just plain daily ordinary happiness??? You know in ordinary level, there are also unhappiness!!! But yr description of getting lots of materials things without consideration is worthy. What i know,Warren Buffet,owner USD40 billions,Coca-cola major shareholder
had to work/think very hard to own that. So do Bill Gates,Microsoft. But they are happy to hv a good wife. & many able people surrounding them.

In Nirvana happiness,Gold is look like broken tiles.
Silk like rags.

So what's yr definition????

Kind regards

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Nirvana happiness???

shal we rock 'n' roll???

house of flying daggers rocks

sorry for being irrelevant

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