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Is it so hard for a single mother to find her soulmate? [Copy link] 中文

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My wife is the same age as you Walkinrain.

I grabbed her right up. She has a 12 year old daughter. I raised three daughters and my Chinese daughter will be the easiest and most difficult at the same time.

   Here is what attracted me to my Chinese wife.......... Personal and family values. To most people this is old fashioned but believe it, many men have old fashioned values.
   I discussed many things with my wife before we married. Very little was in conflict with our cultures.  When I met our daughter I had to win her over and in just eight days she had me wrapped around her little finger. (she had won me over)  
   I think one of the most important things in our marraige right now is that my wife is very happy that I accept her daughter as my own blood daughter. My American daughters accept her as their own sister and my wife as their mother.
   This is an indication that I raised my daughters in the right way.

   So what are important are values, honesty, acceptance and the will to (do it all over again) in raising another child.

   When you meet a man, be honest with him. I doubt that a younger man would accept a ready made family as much as an older man. Incidently, age has nothing to do with compatibility in a relationship. What ever you do, make sure the man you meed is able and willing to take on the challenge. Also be cautious about his motives for taking on a child.

   I have never beaten or abused my children. You must protect your child above all other needs you have.

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Hi All,

Thank you for your kind and touching words.

Frankly I have printed and filed all your posts above. I beilieve it would give me more energy and confidence once I feel lonely and depressed.

Althought I believe life would be more colorful if sharing with someone special, I understand marriage or partnership is not a must for a happy life. I could live a happy life even if I am alone. A lovely daughter who just like my best friend , many good friends (even unknown friends like you ) who care a lot about me, healthy parents who give me unconditional love, a healthy body….considering all  above, I have no reason to be unhappy! This is also how I convince and encourage myself when I am in low mood.

All the best to you all!

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i can understand, after divorce, loneliness is killing, specially, when responsibilities of children and live up is there. and if you can have good family people behind you, it can be easy. and secondly if a honest and decent friends you have in life, your life can be little better. because friends are the one, who help you in life and all the way.
so find some good friends, and at the same time find some source of income to survive and Be happy.
i can be your friend. call me any time.
write me  at
I am an indian man working in Guangzhou.
i like friendship.

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Is it so hard for a single mother to find her soulmate?


I have read your post and sincerely sympathise with your plight.

If you are interested in conversing with me in relation to your problem, please don't hesitate to contact me by email:


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my view

I think that the minute you stop looking for someone you will meet someone, somone who will sweep you off your feet and be the man of your dreams.
You must try to have happy thoughts and smile as much as you can, a happy face attracts more than a sad face.
You can talk with me on the net if you wish, there is a three hour difference, we are ahead of you.
Keep smiling,

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God will bless you!

I can understand you. Gook luch with you, God will bless you!

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What has happened since you posted here

I am sure we would all like to know if anything has happened since you posted here?
Have you found love? or are you still waiting?
A lot can happen in a year.

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