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why are foreign guys so popular in China? [Copy link] 中文

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dragonballs writes is ridiculous

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Long time no see, Drag boy! Missed your BS.

What about Dai men?  Are white girls after Dai cocks too?  How can Dai cocks compare to black cocks?  White cocks?

If you don’t have anything new to write, just stuff a sock in it.  

Sick and tired of your BS, boy.

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my dai dick is big enough to make your sister scream when i put it into her pussy.

back in  usa when i was in high school and college, i met many white girls that want to be with me but i always turned them down. because i known that i am asian. if i want to marry with wife girl now i can but  why i want to do that. my asian women are more beautiful than the white chicks, they look younger and heathier than the white women.

I am not racist but i just prefere to be with my own kind and  i am not allow to date outside my specie.

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Chinese women are the most beautiful women in the world. WHITE MEN, WATCH OUT!

If I see any WHITE DUDE try to get Chinese cherry, they will be beheaded in the Arabic website.

My Arabic brothers will join forces with me to eliminate the weak genes of white dudes in this world.

We already started at Iraq and killed over thousands of white American dudes !!

Let them come and we will bury them in the sands !!

A LINE ACROSS THE SANDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ilunga, Dragonball69 is right, By 2075, white men are minority and comprise of 4

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The fantasy twins are loose in the forum

Look out world the needle dick fantasy twins are in the forum.. Able to penetrate male assholes with their make believe 8 1/2 inch pistons. They can lube their hands and whack off to their favorite XXX movies without being near a woman. Unless it is buy a hooker night. No female in the human race will let those needle dicks near them, unless they desperately need cash. Yes dragons only exist in myths, as do the sexual exploits of dragonballess and pussy Kanyuek.

  Don't worry Chinese men you have nothing to fear, or any male on this planet. The woman will not go anywhere near those two stupid box of rocks. They envy the white men. The white men take all their beautiful women. How is that possible you ask? The white man knows how to get into a woman’s mind and reads about their inner most desires. While Mutt and Jeff stay home and spank their monkey wishing they had a woman instead of shit on their sticks.

Yes when you walk the streets of China you see many white woman with Chinese men. Oops sorry you see many Chinese women with white men. Why is that you ask. Well first of all do you really believe any woman would want theses make believe wanna be sex Gods. The only ones who believe they are sex Gods are their hands, pea brains and each others shit holes.

They believe they are endowed with massive pistons the reality is they are needle dick bug fuc-ers. The human genetics is black are endowed with the biggest, then whites, then Asian. Sorry that is a fact of life. The good news is most women do not care about that. They want someone skilled in the art of lovemaking. That is attained through knowledge and communication with your partner. Any man can be a good lover with this knowledge. Does not matter what race you are. Of course a woman wants a better lover.

  Any man can attain this knowledge, all women will be much happier. So the reality is the only reason white men are better lovers now is through a learning process. We educated ourselves about woman her mind and body. That is why it is very easy for us to attract an Asian woman. Do you honestly believe any woman [she has to be breathing] would have sex with either of those two needle dicks???????  Of course not. I'm sure when they are done spanking their shit sticks they will post an idiot reply. Oh by the way needle dicks I do not have a sister. Except in the hollow confines of your pea brains. So lube up your hands and enjoy spanking yourselves. The women in this world are safe from you. Unless your sexual frustration leads to rape. Which is most likely

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Sorry, Drag boy.

Sorry but I don’t have a sister.  I got a pooch, though.

See, I caught you lying again.  You wrote in one of your dang posts that you’re married and now you’re single again.  You’re a pathological liar and nobody buys your crap, Dai turd.

"because i (sic) known (sic) that i (sic) am asian (sic). if (sic) i (sic) want to marry with wife (sic) girl (sic) now i (sic) can but why i (sic) want (sic) to do that.”

Hey, boy, you’d better stuff a sock in it, or better yet stuff my COCK in it!  Ha!

And by the way, please send my regards to your "wife".  She screamed like hell last time!

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