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Where to PUT it "odds": Sex Service in the conspiracy with Robbing---Police 's e [Copy link] 中文

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Having sex is an essential part of hurman's life.

What is the problem if you don't have your partners live together for the sakes of getting promotion to work far or travelling.

If Someone can tell why people need more sex rather than to survive in the race of human reproduction.

If You know why and get a remedy of equalivalent level which replace how much the fantasy sex can bring to human's life,you will be richer than Bill Gate..........You will take patent for you invention.

Sorry,here the main issue come to.

There is newlycreated term called "  Fang Ge zi,decoded Flying your pigeon" whicn have been a big problem in China Police trying to tackle down.

Sex Service in t he conspiracy with Robbing------a documentary showed in Beijing TV and China's educational channel.

two or three girls gettogether in a coaltion with two or three strong men to creat a business underground providing Sex Service.

Firstly:  They should choose the Right place ---- a Golden Point---is to  the Center of the City ,have  business actvities and shooping stores with high flow of population-----and rent a flat near ,with fixed window and only one door.

Then,  The Girls go to work, wondering in the street and standing in the choosed spot, asking the potential Customer passbyes for providing the service.......After The girls hooked the interested Guys, showing them to the rented flat to make love at the negotiated price made on the way.

During the Time the Two enjoy themselves hevenly, the Girls helper,the man  hiden in somewhere in the flat get the clothes took off by the visiter and  then steal the Money.

If the visitors found that It is a trap to have him robbed, he alone have nothing to do,but leave,otherwise  He was get beaten .

Those Victims of such Visitors keep the shame not telling the   Police Stations.

Sorry, I can't tell more...

But those things existed and the police are trying best to collect evidence and interview with the visiters,one effective way is setting a detetive cam at the right point.

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A story by Someone

A story for illustration

But This piece sound like an advanced to serve Great and Rich Visitors compared with the above one i wrote,some immigrant worker visited

What happened if you still keep that in mind Japanese tourist in group have the hotel manager bring Prostitus offering Sex service for them in  Hainan XXX Hotel....

My second year in China -- that was 1994 -- I was staying at a hotel in

Beijing, and about 9:00 at night there was a knock on the door. I opened it to see a Chinese girl standing there...this wasn't a big surprise, as prostitutes often went to foreigner's rooms to try to get some business, but I wasn't interested, and started to send her away.

She started talking to me -- in very good English. Which was a surprise, because most of the prostitutes could only say, "You want massage?". She said right away she was not offering sex, and just wanted to talk to me for a short while.

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What's new?

This scam has been going on in London, and most other European cities for years.  If China is so  desperate to embrace Western culture then it will come with a downside and you have given a good example of that.

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Do You think " Some Big EVENTS" will revetalize " The Sex Service" as a good spe

Why do you favor for visiting a P.

Mightbe there is a good point, the Visitors and P know each other very well.  The Prostitute are ready for you, if you agree, there will be a applause from the clapping hands,one hand from each.

It seems it is Quick deal and ,easy to make each sides satisfied,less troublesome .

You don't need further any relationship with a P only if you are "Vip" frequently,but the that is  once entering the room, you are lovers in pair,while getting out, you are only yourself,a stranger each other again.

the majority of  P-Visitors are men, Right, for women were doing this earlier in the history  (no offensive).

and The Prostitute are sensitive to probe The needs of Men with right quetions,even thou they have no ads......

and The men are sensitive that where they can get it.

I heard that,  "Holding a  FiFa( football event), there will be MANY trourist and visitors flow in the host City, and the bar zone will have a boom with hign sale..

Then,,,, the Drunk men or dull men will be active to find a girl beside to drink , to play games in the bar or gambling.

how Will the OG 2008  deal with this problem if it happens.

is that the bar streets runner expected.

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hOW can Tourism and internet communication boost Sex Service Industry

Is that much for foreign developed countries to impose more tarriff or tax surcharge on the Porn film.

is that illegal to possesion of sex exploitation of  children.

What are the most crazy thing men can do but predator or wild animal can't do.

ability to Speak ?

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why do tell your spouse what you want

Communicating Your True Feelings For A Lasting Relationship

Are you in this situation? You go to work in the morning, put in your full day, get back home, have dinner after freshening up, watch TV, read the papers, and then go to bed. You take your spouse for granted. You expect him or her to know what you want and when you want it.

Although this subject is taboo in many societies, sex is an important part of a relationship. You will be surprised to learn that many people still stick to old beliefs. Many men are only concerned with satisfying themselves. Many women are still under the belief that they should do what is necessary to fulfill their husband's desires and not want the same for themselves.

It is fortunate to some degree that society is changing its views on this misconception. Couples should first understand that their bodies have certain needs. They need to satisfy these needs and realize that this is a part of their love life. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Know your body well, and what you need to do, to enjoy a satisfying sex life. If your partner is not experienced, be understanding and patient. Learn from each other. Again, communication is important in this area. There are many couples who go through life without letting their partners know how they feel about sex. They want something more, but are ashamed or scared to let their feelings out.

Some partners do not ask or learn what their spouse wants. Without getting satisfaction from sex, their spouse feels that something is missing from their life. Some tend to look elsewhere for that satisfaction and leads to a breakup when they are discovered, or when they find someone else who can give them the satisfaction they are missing.

If you still feel that sex is some topic

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