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lesbian or heterosexual? [Copy link] 中文

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enjoy life



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Think it through...

Hey, I'm a girl and I too think women are much prettier than men, men smell and are more careless and leaves more 'dirt' after them (I like it clean). The older they get the more they smell, so pick a young one!! I like to look at beautiful women on the street or in pictures. But I see no future in being with a woman and it doesn't match either - two of the same sex? and I would really never do that to the children! A child should have one father and one mother!

You seem to be a fragile person who can easily get hurt, i recommend you don't have sex with any man or woman to find out about your question! (That comes later in a relationship!) To have sex too early will hurt you even more. To me it seems like you can't trust men or don't like men because of how you have been treated in your family. If you ever meet the right man I think you'll get over this... And one more thing, if you fall in love with a woman (and maybe have sex with her), it doesn't mean you're a lesbian - not for life! Eventually you'll know what's right for you.

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>>If I was a Chinese girl
I'd probably turn lesbian considering the state of most Chinese guys.<<
You sentence above is crappy!

Do you have issue with Chinese guys?

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fly2heaven, I think you are a bi


1) you had sex only with men, and you enjoyed
2) you said you want to touch women's bodies, including the sexy parts

These 2 points mean you sexually like both men and women.

You said you are not sexually attracted to either men or women, but you enjoy sex, that means you are not sexually active.  Many straight women complain they are not interested in sex too.  Things might change if they change partners, or just with the pass of time.  

If you are a strict lesbian, then it would be impossible for you to enjoy sex with men.  It seems that you are different.  If you are a strict straight, then you would not want to touch the sexy parts of women.  It seems that you are different too.

You said you don't trust men, that's a different discussion than sexual orientention.  Some straight women don't trust men after being hurt.  That's an emotional, not a sexual issue.

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how i wish i were a queer

i think it's cool to be a queer,,
but if i were a queer,,,,i can only fuck an asshole
if i am straight,,i can f u c k both pussies and assholes
hooo!!!!  sometimes it's really just math problem
   so i'm  straight

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you are too full of 'fuck fuck fuck'

pls, we understand you were often picked at and harassed in school:

"like i always be beaten by other boys when elementary school,,i hated them so much then,,but i all passed,,there always be good guys and bad guys in the world.."

pls, go learn some kungfu, you will hardly use it after learning some, but it will give you lots of confidence, so you can stop using foul language like an uneducated farmer or tradesman!

your posts are very un-nice to read! sucks!

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Sorry that you did not get the right men.

To me you turned to look for woman mostly by frustration.Shame on the guys that  had bad sex with you giving you a lousy idea of us.
Try a man again, but before you do ANY thing make sure he treats you like a woman, with all the compliments that you deserve long before you go to bed.

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