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lesbian or heterosexual? [Copy link] 中文

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I'm a lesbian

I love women so much
(a joke perhaps only westerners will understand)
On a lighter note...
I've met a handful of chinese ladies who have expressed the same scandalous ideas... having no desire to be around men (people of the opposite sex) ... It's also rampant in North America.  This ... seriously.. does not mean you're gay.  It simply means that you find more solace in the company of same-sex peers than in the company of opposite-sex peers.  The rule to go by is ... if you have to ask yourself the question, Am I gay?  .. the answer is alread no.  Lesbians KNOW they are lesbians... homosexual men know they are homosexual... there is no question.

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thanks for all advices

your postings give me some clues. I never got any real chemistry or thrill from my relations with men but I did enjoyed having sex with the opposite. I don't think I will fall in love with a man. I never tried to have physical contact with women and women's body always more attractive, smell good, curvy, nice skin, gentle loving in nature, like sunshine in my life, while men not...(sorry if offensive). I am not so sure what do you guys mean by "sexually attracted to women" -does it mean the desire to touch sexy parts of women's body and more? I want to but never get such chance. I think only woman can give me sense of security, warmth, love care and happiness. I really don't know...


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I think you could be a lesbian

You enjoy sex but aren't attracted to men.  You fantasise about girls and their bodies, their skin...

Where in China are you?  There's gay bars in most of the major cities.  Or maybe you could meet girls online.
I can understand it being quite hard for you as it's a taboo subject in China.
A lot of gay guys will get married and keep up the pretence of being straight their whole lives.
On the other hand you could argue it's easy being gay in China because you could walk arm-in-arm wit a same-sex partner and no-one would bat an eyelid.

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Reply: thanks for all advices

You'll do fine in this world ... , fly2heaven ... say nay to the naysayers... their only reason for living is to stunt your growth.  Neither Western culture nor Eastern culture is wrong in itself, they are only different.  Some day, you will find a man who pleases you, or even the right woman.  When you find the right woman, CALL ME lol... i'd love to watch...
Kidding. ..
Take consolation in the fact that you  are sensitive to your own feelings.  Become more aquainted with yourself, know and understand what you are feeling.  I am convinced you are young, and have a full life ahead of you.  There is no need to make universal decisions on your future today, just remember that the decisions you make will later affect your future dealings with others.

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Lesbians are more than having sex with another woman ! It is a relationship for

I do agree with many readers about the definition of lesbians.

But lesbians are more than sex. They are normal couples raising kids and having a normal family.

  Gay and lesbian marriage are legal in the country where I live (so you know I don't live in CHINA or USA !)

All the lesbians I know have  very stable relationship and seldom do they have affairs with other women. They form very strong bonds just like heterosexual couples.

Although some lesbians couples behave like husband and wife with the more stronger one a bread winner and the other more feminine partner serves as the wife.

But this is stereotyping of lesbians and they do get married and divorced and have adopted children or using in-vitro fertilization to actually have children and raise children on their own.

I have known a lot of my "female" Professors in my university never married and I wonder are they lesbians.

I really don't know but I have visited a few and found they ALL have live-in girlfriends with them.  Interesting obervation !!!!

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first hope I am not asexual (making faces)

I am in Central China. I prefer secretly meet girls onlines first, make sure if I am lesbian.  Yes it is still taboo in China, and I have to follow conventions for people are so conservative.

I think it is natural whether a person is gay, lesbian, heterosexual or bisexual. wish everyone live the happy way they desire.

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Do you find men attractive?

Not the guys you meet in everyday life but say famous people - Jay, David Beckham, Brad Pitt?
I'm in central China too - I'm happy to provide a free service so you can check if you really are a lesbian =op

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