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What a big difference between the one you find as girlfriend and the one you gon [Copy link] 中文

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Do you beleive What it is a message scientist gives.!

A science research say:

Everyday giving a chance to glance at a beauty a few minute could enable you live longer in the range of 3 -5 yrs more.

But an audience say:

I m a married man, if i do that frequently,one day my honey will discover,in the way, I will be tortured by her for my betrayed galance at the Beauty,Then i m afraid I live shorter which should minus 5-6 yrs

Hehe...  How can you do something sound bad secretly for many years till your close Honey realize that.

Your wife are smart too,mightbe she love to see some handsome guys also

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Thanks to Beijing CD,Group

Do you believe that between people of different genders there is a middle tier of relationship between friendship and love?

Absolutely! Ellie-led Group 1, Susan-led Group 3, Passy of Group 4 and Raymond of Group 5 came to agree that the vague affection does exist, and even widespread. It is also renamed as spiritual love, blue-faced partner, and spiritual disloyalty (maybe not that serious). Group 1 confessed that they had not finalized any profound strategy and secure solutions to the mess and dangers as the complicated and capricious relationship evolved. Hudson cut in at that moment. His ideas were clear and simple.

If you were single, you could have as many blue-faced partners as possible if only you didn’t screw up your life, trying to date them day by day. On the contrary, if you were married, you had to be on high alert, stayed away at some distance from your close partners of opposite sex and got all of you under 100% control. Susan, a married agricultural expert, laid emphasis on loyalty of married community to their families and spouses because it was their paramount family duties as a crucial member. Passy remarked that love and marriage should be taken good care of in his presentation by applying so many metaphors, as a result, he didn’t make himself understood by most of us. So, Passy, why not write down your poem presentation on China daily or put it in some legal publication?

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quote: " if one guy has a beautiful girlfriend, that would make him very pround among his friends, especially in public."
i`m not a feminist, but i argue that woman isn`t the property of man.

as for the fourth feeling, it is a pretext for out-wed relations for a married person who like deceiving him/herself.  and a skillful excuses for an unmarried flowerhearted person.  

it`s said when man gets his mid 30s he doesn`t have the patience to wait but marry a relatively good girl encontered at the due time, cause he has experienced too much and get tired, right?

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How many times could you bear to divorce.

Why  Asian or People or Family oriented country find it hard to leave an torn family and create a new.

Yeah.  In some other countries, people feel free to get married and divorce or remarry or something.

how to make divroced woman or man attractive again

Do you attend marriage class before and after marraige.

What do you expect your parters can give you during the courtship

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Is this how you achieve such a high number of posts?

Yellmyson, do you cut and paste irrelevant crap and spam people's thread just for the fun of it?

Its both rude and thoughtless. Ever heard of netiquette?

"You will rather appear intelligent by keeping silent, than reveal your foolishness by speech"


By the way, this thread is interesting. But the writer has not elaborated very much about his theories. So it leaves an incomplete feel to the whole topic at hand...perhaps it was deliberate.

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Asian view

Well, we put importance on family and long-lasting love.  When we are looking for bf/gf, it is  marriage-oriented, not for fun.  We are very serious on it.
We will find a right one in the ages we think it should,  to set up a family, to share life/happines with.  We tend to solve the problems not creat new.
If the family is torn, but they still do not get divorce, the reasons mignt are
1.they still have hope , hope it would recover.
2.they still think of / miss their past love, not want to hurt the children by divoice.
4. our culture let us  loyal to our beloved and the family.
5. we want only one marriage in the whole life, because it is grand, not casually.
6. we think a good family needs to be managed, just like a company needs good management to make money, the family also need both to manage to have happiness. So if something goes wrong, we tend to solve, not give up.

Maybe , there is other reasons.

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